These brands have the most loyal customers

March 30, 2023

Brand loyalty

It takes automakers a lot of effort to lure a customer away from another brand. Manufacturers therefore hope that existing customers will choose their brand again for their next car. Germany’s Automobilwoche engaged market analysis company Dataforce to find out which brands have the most loyal customers. The study looked only at private buyers.  

Dacia and Toyota

In the survey, we find Dacia and Toyota at numbers two and three, respectively. Dacia customers show remarkably high brand loyalty. Not surprisingly, they get a new car for the price of a used one. They cannot get that from another brand and so they remain loyal to the brand. Nearly 74% of Dacia customers remain loyal to the brand for their next purchase. Toyota is in third place with a customer loyalty percentage of just under 60%. The German researchers explain this mainly by the older target group that Toyota appeals to. Among customers over 75 years old, as many as 75% stay with the brand.


The big winner is Tesla. The great leader, Elon Musk, may often pull strange pranks, yet customers remain loyal to the brand. The brand has by far the biggest return factor. A whopping 86.6% of customers who bought a new car from Tesla in the past year chose this brand again for their next car.

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