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The Skoda Epiq is a 25,000-euro EV

March 15, 2024

European brands are rapidly introducing EVs with starting prices around 25,000 euros. Consider the Citroen e-C3, Volkswagen ID.2 and the Renault 5. Now Skoda is also announcing an affordable, compact EV: the Epiq. And compact, he is! Only 4.10 meters long, the Epiq. According to the brand, it still offers enough room for five occupants and a luggage space of up to 490 liters. And clever packaging, if that turns out to be true.

Modern Solid

Specifications the brand is not releasing yet, except that the small EV should be able to reach about 400 kilometers on a single battery charge. The entry price is also known: around 25,000 euros. The Epiq is designed based on the new Modern Solid design language, which we have previously seen on the Skoda Vision 7S. An important part of this is Skoda’s new “Tech-Deck” face. Characteristic of the front is the flatter and wider grille. The headlights are upright and have found their way to the corners of the car. The daytime running lights also have a prominent role in the front view of the car.

Greek name

What about the name “Epiq”? The E at the beginning represents a battery-electric Skoda model, while the Q at the end identifies it as a member of the SUV family. Epiq is derived from the ancient Greek word “epic,” which stands for “word” or “verse,” as well as “story” or “poem.


Production of the urban SUV will take place in Pamplona, Spain, as a joint development and production project of several Volkswagen Brand Group brands: Skoda, CUPRA and Volkswagen. Skoda plans to invest billions of euros in the coming years in its transformation to e-mobility. The Skoda Elroq, an all-electric compact SUV, will be the first model to be launched later this year.