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The new generation Suzuki Swift: here’s what you need to know

December 6, 2023

Fourth-generation Suzuki Swift

This is the fourth-generation Suzuki Swift. You can see it immediately: the all-new Suzuki Swift builds on the product features of previous generations. That’s just as well, because the Swift is loved worldwide. Then, as a manufacturer, you are not going to take risks. Since its introduction as a global model in 2004, the Swift has won numerous awards. Since October 2003, Suzuki has already sold more than 9 million units in 169 countries and regions.

On the safe side

So with the new Swift, Suzuki is playing “safe. It will be available in the Netherlands with an all-new Smart Hybrid powertrain, which of course we will tell you all about in this article. In addition, the Swift retains its compact dimensions and low weight. The latter, in turn, is good for a favorable road tax rate.

Suzuki Swift 2024

HEARTECT platform

The fourth-generation Suzuki Swift is based on a further developed version of the HEARTECT platform, with a strong focus on comfort and sound insulation. “Compared to the outgoing model, the new Swift features more insulation material, improved rubbers at the doors and tailgate and fluid-filled engine mounts. A novelty is a special torsion-axle wind deflector that also contributes to the Swift’s silence and low energy consumption. The same goes for 16-inch wheels with aerodynamically shaped alloy wheels,” said the Suzuki spokesperson.

Dimensions of new Suzuki Swift

The new Suzuki Swift is 3,860 mm long, 1,735 mm wide and 1,495 mm high. This gives it virtually the same exterior dimensions as the outgoing model. The model grew only 15 mm in height and length. The luggage compartment remained unchanged at 265 liters (VDA). With the seatback folded down, 589 liters are available (VDA), an increase of 10 liters. Loading luggage should be easier thanks to a larger trunk opening and a lower lifting threshold, although the fact remains that there is still a lifting threshold.

Suzuki Swift 2024

Colors Suzuki Swift

The new Suzuki Swift will be available in nine shades, including six new ones. New single-tone colors include Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic, Cool Yellow Metallic and Caravan Ivory Pearl Metallic. Suzuki also provides dual-tone paint finishes where the roof – depending on the color – is finished in Super Black Pearl or Mineral Gray Metallic. Burning Red Pearl Metallic and Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic colors consist of a three-layer coating, quite unusual for the B-segment. It produces extra-rich colors, according to Suzuki.

Interior Suzuki Swift

The center console and controls of the new Swift are subtly oriented toward the driver. The dashboard is composed of components in black and light gray. Suzuki further uses trim elements with a satin finish for a sporty and dynamic look. The interior features several storage compartments for items, including a larger glove box.

Interior Suzuki Swift 2024

Standard with 9-inch touchscreen

Each version of the new Suzuki Swift comes standard with an infotainment system including 9-inch touchscreen and integrated navigation. The system supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via Wi-Fi or USB connection and further offers voice recognition and Bluetooth music playback. The system also displays information about the status of the vehicle.

Suzuki Connect is also standard

In addition, Suzuki Connect is part of the standard equipment. This uses the vehicle’s data communication module (DCM) to connect users to their vehicles in real time through the Suzuki Connect app. Users benefit from convenient features via the Suzuki Connect app, some of which are now also available via the in-car touchscreen. Consider:

Safety Suzuki Swift 2024

What about safety systems? At the base of all safety systems is the Suzuki Safety System Pro. This includes the new Dual Sensor Brake Support II (DSBS II) with millimeter wave radar and a monocular camera. This system detects oncoming vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians and helps prevent frontal, diagonal and side impacts. In the event of an impending accident, the driver is alerted with audible and visual signals. If the driver does not react or does not brake sufficiently, braking is automatically applied to avoid a collision or reduce its impact.

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA): The new Suzuki Swift is equipped with Lane Keeping Assist (LKA). When Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is active, LKA helps the driver keep the car in the center of the lane. If the system senses that an adjacent vehicle or structure, such as a temporary roadblock or other obstacle, is getting too close, it provides steering assistance to help maintain a safe distance.

Driver monitors (DMS): built into the instrument panel is a camera (required by law) that monitors the driver’s eyes and face. If the system detects fatigue, falling asleep or looking away from the road, an alert sounds and a warning message appears on the information display.

The Swift also becomes available with safety systems such as:

Interior Suzuki Swift 2024

Smart Hybrid 12V powertrain

Suzuki equips the new Swift with a new Smart Hybrid 12V powertrain (SHVS). The system consists of an all-new atmospheric Z12E 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine with an output of 60 kW (81 hp) and 110 Nm of torque, complemented by electric motor of 2.3 kW and 50 Nm. Thanks to the SHVS mild hybrid system, the Swift recovers energy during deceleration. The kinetic energy generated during deceleration is converted and stored in a compact lithium-ion battery.

The powertrain, according to the manufacturer, delivers up to 10 percent additional torque at lower engine speeds combined with lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, greater responsiveness and improved performance. The new 1.2-liter gasoline engine is available with an upgraded five-speed manual transmission or comfortable CVT automatic transmission.

AllGrip Auto optional

In addition, the new Swift is available with AllGrip Auto. This is an automatic four-wheel drive system that kicks in when the system senses loss of grip on the front axle. When the front wheel slips, a clutch engages at lightning speed to transfer torque to the rear wheels, providing extra traction when driving on snowy roads or other slippery surfaces.

Like other Suzuki products, the new Swift comes standard with a six-year warranty.

Suzuki Swift 2024

Suzuki Swift 2024

Suzuki Swift 2024