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The new Fiat Topolino – comprehensive first introduction

July 4, 2023

Fiat Topolino, a ‘moped’

Officially, of course, the Fiat Topolino is a “moped,” but there is no question of “humming. In fact, it is an all-electric two-seater, exactly like the Opel and Citroën. Because the vehicle reaches only 45 mph, people as young as 16 are allowed to drive the Topolino. According to Fiat, the Topolino is a cheerful and cool new electric car for everyone. Well, car. Rather, call it a “city car,” or light electric vehicle.


“The Topolino is a tribute to Fiat’s history and the brand’s ability to innovate in a cool and congenial way. Moreover, the Topolino is the ideal mobility solution for in town and short distances. Thanks to its electric powertrain, environmental zones are no longer any obstacle,” the manufacturer said in a statement.

Little mouse

The Fiat Topolino is the 500’s little sister. It takes its name and design from the original 500 of yore, affectionately called “Topolino” for its small size. Topolino literally means “little mouse. Topolino is also the Italian name of Mickey Mouse. The Fiat Topolino has design features of the classic Fiat 500. The design excels at simplicity.

Available in one color: Verde Vita

The design of this cheerful electric Italian can be further personalized thanks to various accessories. Consider a small shower, should you drive a Topolino toward the beach. The lineup consists of closed and open versions. Both variants are available in one color: Verde Vita. They also have one wheel design and one composition for the interior. In the open version, the model has no doors, but strings. Hearty fun, of course, but in the rain or in winter it can be quite cold.

The Fiat Topolino has a length of 2.41 meters and a battery with a usable capacity of 4 kWh, good for a range of 75 kilometers. Top speed comes out to 45 km/h.

FIAT Topolino

Specifications FIAT Topolino

Still quite practical

Despite its small size, the Topolino offers a high degree of practicality. This is due to the two chairs that are not fully aligned, the extensive glass surface that increases the perception of space and strategic storage areas. Thus, between the driver a passenger a suitcase can be placed. In total, the Topolino has a storage space of 63 liters.

Dolce Vita personalization

The Fiat Topolino can be subtly personalized to further emphasize its summery, Riviera character. For the closed version, personalization is available in the form of wood effect decals on the doors. On the open version, decals with stripes like a summer tent can be applied to the roof for an extra touch of Dolce Vita. Both versions feature the Dolce Vita Box, an elegant and functional fabric band within which to store items, and chrome-plated vintage mirrors. Other distinguishing elements include the addition of Dolce Vita sills, the door cord in the open version and blinds in the roof of the closed version.

Other accessories

In addition, optional accessories can be found on the Fiat Accessories web page or at Fiat dealers to meet all customer needs. Five different items will be available here that perfectly match the style of the Topolino: a spacious luggage bag, a USB fan, a Bluetooth speaker, a thermos bottle for both hot and cold drinks and two seat covers that can serve as comfortable and soft beach towels if needed. All accessories are of course matching in Verde Vita.

Simple buying process

The purchase process of the new Fiat Tipolino has been made as simple as possible: only one model and three steps are required to configure and purchase the vehicle. After that, customers can easily track their order.

Market launch Fiat Topolino

With the debut of the Topolino on July 4, there will be a special “Be the first” promotion on Fiat’s website in Italy and France for those who want to be the first to drive their new electric four-wheeler. The Topolino will be the first to arrive in Italy starting in November.

Fiat Topolino also for the Netherlands?

When the Dutch market introduction will follow is not yet exactly clear. Internal discussions are still taking place as to whether the Topolino should come to the Netherlands. Well Fiat, then we’ll cut the knot for you. You
bring the Fiat Topolino to the Netherlands. After all, he’s too cute to pass up. So we cannot yet give a Dutch price. Let’s hope that Fiat – should it come to the Netherlands – markets the Topolino sharply. An Opel Rocks Electric starts at 8,500 euros.

FIAT Topolino 2024