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The Netherlands gets another Chinese car brand: Omoda

June 6, 2023

Omoda, a Chinese car brand

At the time of writing, Omoda is being launched in the European market as a new car brand and has already officially presented its first models in Southern Europe. Recently, the Omoda 5 EV also earned the maximum score of five stars at EuroNCAP.

This means Omoda

Although Omoda is a global car brand, its name is of Latin origin. To be precise, the letter “O” represents a positive and energetic tone, while it also stands for the word “Oxygen,” an essential element of our life. The term “Moda” stands for Modern and also symbolizes a contemporary and fashionable lifestyle. The manufacturer explains: “A contemporary way of life with a high-quality look and high-tech products.”

Omoda 5 EV 2024

Omoda’s target audience

As a car brand, Omoda targets customers with a young mindset, the consumers of the new era. “Their car is not only a fashion item to highlight their unique personality, but also part of a more sustainable travel ecosystem and a new way of life. Omoda’s goal is to use its high-quality technology to enable customers worldwide to travel responsibly and enjoyably,” the brand writes in the message announcing Omoda’s entry into the Benelux.

SUVs in the B- and C-segment

Omoda focuses primarily on Crossover/SUVs in the B and C segments. There will be several battery-electric models. The first model will be the Omoda 5 EV with a so-called Light of Movement design language. In this regard, Omoda sees the European Union as a strategic market and is therefore committed to market expansion here. The Benelux market is one of the first markets where the Chinese brand will be introduced in early 2024.

Market launch first half of 2024

The Omoda 5 EV will hit the market in the first half of 2024. Explorations are currently underway regarding the OMODA sales organization in the Benelux. More details will follow later in 2023.

Challenges Omoda

Automotive brand Omoda faces several challenges. Thus, there are already several new Chinese car brands that are also making an attempt in Europe. Consider NIO, BYD, Seres, Aiways, Hongqi and XPENG. Moreover, Omoda is also a brand name of shoes and clothing, among others.