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The MINI Aceman is an electric crossover

April 24, 2024

MINI Aceman

MINI has unveiled the all-new Aceman: the brand’s first-ever compact all-electric crossover. According to the brand, the Aceman brings together compact proportions with maximum interior space. So the classic MINI recipe. With its length of 4.07 meters, width of 1.75 meters and height of 1.50 meters, MINI positions the Aceman in between the new Cooper and new Countryman. The Aceman has five seats and 300 liters of luggage space – expandable to 1,005 liters by folding down the rear seats.

Recognizable design

The Aceman clearly draws inspiration from the brand’s history. For example, the sloping line under the windshield is reminiscent of the classic Mini. The seamless transition between the body and the windows makes the Aceman extra streamlined. The black sills complete the side profile and give the Aceman a sleek, sporty look. At the back, the horizontal shape stands out, emphasizing the width. The vertical Matrix taillights, which are typical of MINI and can be optionally lit in three modes, make the Aceman especially recognizable. The wide, dark edge under the rear bumper and the protective panel between the wheel arches give this crossover model a sporty look.

Historical edge

In the classic Mini, the row of rocker switches was in the center of the dashboard, which was a distinctive feature. MINI is bringing this historic element back to its latest models to keep brand history alive. Key driving functions, such as parking brake, gear selection, start/stop, Experience Modes and audio volume, are now accessible via five toggle switches. This creates convenient storage space in the center console. In addition, cup holders and additional space for wireless charging of smartphones are available. The central OLED display is also a solid nod to the classic Mini.

Electric only

The Aceman is available only with all-electric drive. The MINI Aceman appears as E and SE. The ‘E’ features a 184-hp electric motor and sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds. Its 42.5 kWh battery provides up to 310 km of range. The “SE” boasts 218 horsepower and takes 7.1 seconds for a 100-sprint. Thanks to 54.2 kWh, it achieves 406 kilometers of driving range on a single battery charge.

The battery of the MINI Aceman can be charged with 11 kW of alternating current. Fast charging with direct current is possible with the Aceman E at 75 kW and the Aceman SE at 95 kW. On a fast charger, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent within 30 minutes.