Electric cars

The best EVs of 2023

October 26, 2023

Growing interest, necessity and technological developments: they are driving an increase in the supply of electric vehicles. What are the standouts in the current market? And among all the models, how do you find the best one for you? We’ll help you get started and list the best EVs of 2023.

The rise of electric cars

Electric cars, also known as EVs (from electric vehicles), are making huge inroads into the European market. In fact, in the month of June this year, for the first time, more EVs were sold than fuel-engine cars. This is then reflected in the offerings. More and more automakers are choosing to also offer electric cars or make the switch to the electric motor entirely. This may lead to the design of new cars, but existing fuel models are also being marketed as electric versions.

As more and more EVs are offered, choosing the best electric car also becomes more and more difficult. Electric cars generally have attractive features. This way, they don’t emit emissions and are often a lot more tax efficient, especially if you drive for business. There are many differences between the various EVs, and these characteristics make a model the right choice for you or not. For example, one model has a long range while the other EV contains the most advanced technologies, thus offering high driving comfort.

What should you look for when choosing an EV?

When choosing an electric car, there are a number of things to consider. Based on these factors, the best electric vehicles of 2023 were also compared and tested. First, the range of the car is very important. The range of an EV indicates how many miles the car can travel on a full battery and thus how far you can get before you need to hook up the vehicle to a charging station. Another important factor is the charging speed the vehicle can handle. In doing so, also check out the options for fast charging right away, should you wish to take advantage of this.

Other things to consider in the selection process are driving comfort, space and appearance of the car. However, a high-quality design and a high score on ride comfort often come with a higher purchase or lease price. Cars that score well on all these factors will therefore be found in the high price range or the luxury segment. This does not mean, however, that lower-end electric models are not beautiful or do not drive nicely. Compare for yourself and find out which segment and model best suits your needs.

These are the best EVs of 2023

Need help choosing an electric car?

Even after looking at the best EVs of 2023, choosing the car that suits you best can still be complicated. Moby has therefore prepared a buying guide for buying an electric car. This buying guide includes hybrid cars. These are cars with both a fuel engine and an electric motor, so a car can run electrically and on fuel. A hybrid car can be a good middle ground if you are not quite ready for an all-electric car. Therefore, we have also compared the best hybrid cars. Curious?

Switching to an electric car.

On average, EVs currently still have a higher purchase price than fuel cars. Do you think that’s a big disadvantage? More and more used electric vehicles are also returning to the market.