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The A-Team bus – everything you need to know

September 8, 2022

A-Team van

Many of us will remember the popular series from the 1980s. A group of mercenaries travels across the United States in their black GMC Vandura with gray and red accents with the goal of helping people in their fight against criminals and oppressors. The A-Team was a huge success, in part because of its captivating adventures embroiled with humor. Nowadays, episodes of The A-team are sporadically repeated on television and are counted as childhood sentiment. Because of its popularity at the time, several A-Team fan clubs exist. True fans will take up their hobby themselves and even build the A-team van!

Striking bus

The iconic van from The A-team is characterized by the distinctive red stripe drawn along the length of the van. In addition, the text “The A Team” is not to be missed and the red spoiler on the roof is also a striking feature of the van. On television, the bus always seemed monstrously fast, but appearances are deceiving. Under the hood is a 5.7-liter V8 that produces only 199 horsepower. And when you know that the van weighs a whopping 2,800 pounds, you can do the math that it won’t get off the ground quickly with that kind of power.

Miniature Models

Over the years, many miniature models have been made that can still be purchased today. Playmobil also designed their own version of the A-Team van and they are still for sale on the Internet. Of course, there are also fanatics who recreate the A-team van in real life!


In 2020, a Dutch version was offered on marktplaats for 18,500 euros. This variation turned out tremendously well! It features the front bumper, (extra) fog lights and also on the roof all the details are present. They also paid attention to the bullbar, as well as the original Western Wheels of 10 inches wide and a diameter of 15 inches. The interior features gray seats and a back seat. Perhaps the most unique is the signature of Face, one of the members of The A-Team. Unfortunately, this car is no longer available on the marketplace at this time, but keep an eye out!

B.A. (Bad Attitude) Baracus

Don’t you have 18 mil ready to go should an A-Team van appear on your screen? It is also possible to rent an A-Team bus! In the Netherlands, there is a provider that rents the van for business purchase. It is even possible to hire a B.A. Baracus lookalike to go with it. Nice details are the plastic machine guns and ammo boxes that give you the real A-Team feeling. So for those who love them, there are plenty of options to fulfill your need for gadgets from the A-Team van!

Photos: worldwideauctioneers