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Test driving with fear of failure: how does it work?

August 30, 2022

Exit is an exciting moment that you probably look forward to. It’s a great feeling to have your driver’s license in your hands, but the road to it can be quite difficult. The driving test is exciting for everyone, but what if this bothers you so much that you can’t function? Then you can opt for a fear of failure driving test.

What does a fear of failure exam entail?

A driving test for people with fear of failure is similar to the average exam, but has some special modifications. All with the goal of making you feel more at ease while driving. This way you have the opportunity to take a break in between, when the tension gets to you for a moment. Thanks to the time-out moments, you can unwind and continue your journey with confidence. The fear of failure exam is of course supervised by a specially trained examiner who can guide you through this. In addition, as with the normal exam, you may choose whether the instructor of your driving school ride along or not.

When do you choose to take a fear of failure exam?

Do you suffer from fear of failure in exams? Then you are eligible to take a special fear of failure exam. Of course, your driving instructor will watch with you during your lessons and give you tailored advice on your next steps. The final choice, of course, does lie with you. Basically anyone can take a fear of failure exam, you just pay a little more than for a normal driving test. The goal is for you to get your driver’s license and the experienced driving instructor will help you work towards this goal. Therefore, an instructor who has experience with fear of failure is an excellent choice. This way you have the right preparation to work towards this even before the exam. Therefore, also take your time when choosing one that is right for you driving school in The Hague.

How do you deal with fear of failure?

If you have fear of failure, you know how difficult it is to deal with it. It is important to prepare well. This really helps you feel more secure and have no reason to talk yourself into fear. You will have 1 hour and 20 minutes in the fear of failure exam, in which the exam itself counts 35 minutes. So you have quite a bit of time to stop in between and come to yourself. Trust that it will be fine.

In addition, it is wise to go to bed on time the night before the exam and eat healthy. Before your exam, take some time for yourself to unwind. If necessary, take a sedative tablet to help control the worst of the nerves. Please note that only use a tablet on a 100% natural basis (e.g. valerian), so that it cannot affect your driving performance. Of course, you can also choose to have calming herbal teas, this too often helps a bit. It is especially important to be kind to yourself.

Does something go wrong during the exam? Then don’t stress right away. You are allowed to make a few minor mistakes and so a mistake does not necessarily mean you have failed. Do you still get scared and does the stress get the better of you for a moment? Then use the time-out option. Think of all the parts you know that do go well. Breathe deeply in and out, go for it!