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Tesla’s truck will hit the road December 1!

October 10, 2022

100 Semi Trucks ordered by PepsiCo

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the announcement about the delivery to PepsiCo on Twitter. This soft drink manufacturer placed an order for 100 Semi Trucks back in 2017. A Tesla Semi Truck reportedly costs about $180,000. Musk mentions a range of 500 miles, converted to 800 kilometers. Further, he did not respond to questions from fellow Twitter users. He did mention that the Semi is “super fun to drive.

It was quite a delivery for Tesla to put the Semi Truck into production. The electric truck was supposed to hit the market as early as 2019, but a shortage of battery cells and various supply chain disruptions threw a spanner in the works.

Driving range Tesla Semi Truck

In December 2022, production will finally begin, Musk promises. The Tesla Semi Truck accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 25 seconds, consumes less than 1.25 kWh per kilometer and, as mentioned, gets an estimated driving range of 800 kilometers. All these figures are based on a fully loaded Semi with 37,000 kilograms of gross combined weight.

Three independent engines provide instant torque and plenty of power at any speed, allowing drivers to safely merge and keep up with traffic. Charging to 70 percent of range can be done in 30 minutes using Semi Chargers from Tesla. These chargers will have seriously high charging speeds, only Tesla has yet to reveal all the details.


The battery capacity of the 500-mile variant is not yet known. But if we multiply 1.25 by 800 we arrive at 1,000 kWh. That’s a battery of thousands of kilograms. There will also be a 300-mile version with just under 500 kilometers of driving range.


When the Tesla Semi Truck will come to the Netherlands is not known at this time. The United States gets the scoop. Tesla will later expand to other continents.