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Teslas are no longer allowed to fart

February 15, 2022


That is the decision of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the American safety authority. The Boombox function has been available in Teslas since 2020 after a software update. Boombox allows the driver to replace the sound of an ordinary horn with a sound of their choice, which can then be heard through a speaker on the outside. There are countless sounds to choose from, such as different theme songs from movies and series, a sneeze, doorbells, a V8 or V12, a 64k modem, a bleating goat and much more.

fun police

But that is now in the past, because the NHTSA apparently can not laugh at fart sounds from a Tesla. According to the ‘fun police’, as Elon Musk calls the organization on Twitter, the noises are a distraction for weak road users. They will then no longer hear important noises in traffic, which jeopardizes safety and increases the risk of accidents.

Mandatory signal

Since 2018, it has been mandatory in the US for hybrid vehicles and EVs to sound a warning sound at speeds below 18.6 mph (30 km/h). Pedestrians must be able to hear that noise above the rest of the background noise.

Not while driving

Although the cars are being recalled, Tesla isn’t going to remove the hilarious feature entirely. The carmaker ensures that the function can no longer be used when the Tesla is in a different gear than in P. CNN reports that the carmaker has to modify 578,607 cars.