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Tesla Model Y gets two new spectacular colors

October 22, 2022

Not addition, but replacement

The names of the two new colors Tesla will offer on the German-made Model Y are “Quicksilver” and “Midnight Cherry Red. Those colors will replace the current “Midnight Silver Metallic” and “Red Multi-Coat” in the Model Y’s configurator.

Before mourning the latter, take a look at the photos. Indeed, the new colors seem to be quite an upgrade over their predecessors. Tesla describes them as “highly-pigmented metallic paint” designed to change depending on your viewing angle and light. Tesla is achieving that effect with the help of its new paint shop in Germany. This allows Tesla to apply the colors in 13 coats, resulting in a deeper look for the paint job.

Pricey option

Of course, these new, advanced paint colors do not come cheap. They are also available only on the Model Y Long Range and Performance. In Tesla’s Dutch configurator, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red have an additional price of €3,000 and €3,200, respectively. In comparison, Midnight Silver Metallic cost €1,600 and Red Multi-Coat was listed in the configurator for €2,000. Those two colors, by the way, are still available on the standard version of the Model Y.

Quicksilver on the Tesla Model Y

Not for everyone

Tesla further reports that the new colors are not yet available for the entire world. Currently, only customers in Europe and the Middle East are eligible for the new colors. That’s because these markets are served by the German Tesla factory.

In Tesla’s other factories – in America and Shanghai – the spray booths are not yet of the level to apply Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red colors. It is not yet known if, and if so when, Tesla will also offer new color options for the other markets.

Fun fact: the Tesla Roadster that Elon Musk launched into space on a SpaceX rocket in 2018 was also painted in Midnight Cherry Red.