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Temporarily need a second car? Here’s how to arrange it smartly!

July 7, 2023

Whether or not to purchase a second car is a point of discussion within many families. Often there is one large family car, and a small so-called “shopping car. Once accustomed to the luxury of two cars, it is difficult to switch back to one. Still, that second car is often only needed temporarily, such as for temporary work or a phase when children need to be driven around a bit more often. If the children are more independent, a second car will be idle more often than is good for it. But temporarily arranging a second car, how do you do it smartly? Here’s the answer!

Lease it

Leasing a car is becoming more common today. Not only do we encounter more corporate lease drivers on the road, but private leasing is also hugely popular these days. This is because the terms are incredibly favorable, and leasing companies are moving with the market. Contracts are becoming increasingly flexible and can be for both a short and long term. Need a car for a year? With today’s private lease, this is simply already possible. Also, if you want a second car because you have a new job, leasing is very beneficial. This is because it ensures that if you lose your job again, you may terminate the contract again.


When you have two cars where you are at risk of unexpected high costs with both, it can cause quite a few worries. With private lease you can be sure that at least one car will always be there because your maintenance, insurance and taxes are simply included in the monthly fee. This gives you the assurance that you can always be on the road. The only risk is that you have to pay the deductible, but with a maximum of 300 euros, that amount is often nowhere near that of an average car repair.

In short, new job and need extra car? Or does your child have a new hobby and needs to be driven more often? It is no longer necessary to tap all your savings for this purpose. Today, leasing one of the family cars (or even both) is highly recommended. The fixed amount per month can be conveniently budgeted for your family, and you avoid missing the end of the month. A second car is often something purchased as a temporary addition. By opting for a lease car in this regard, you don’t have the hassle of the whole process of buying, selling and maintenance. You are flexible and always on the go. A classic win-win situation!