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Surprise: this is the new FIAT 600e!

June 13, 2023

First look at new FIAT 600e

We see the side, front, rear and parts of the interior, among others. FIAT acts as if it is the most normal thing in the world. But so this is a completely new model. The letter “e” suggests that this is an all-electric model, exactly as is the case with the Fiat 500e. Should that be the case, the Fiat 600e is likely to adopt technology from the Fiat 500e. Consider a 118-hp electric motor and a 42 kWh battery. The 500e can fast charge with up to 85 kW.

FIAT 600e - interior

Movie Open Doors

In the short film Open Doors, we see how the Fiat 600e travels through different cities around the world – from Hiroshima to Buenos Aires, Accra and Jerusalem – symbolically opening its doors to welcome people from different countries and cultures. He eventually arrives at St. Peter’s Square to participate in the World Meeting of Human Brotherhood “Not Alone.

Walkaround videos to follow

Soon we will officially meet the Fiat 600e as well as the all-electric Fiat Topolino. Videos of both models will follow. So on soon more about two models from Fiat.