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SUMMER WEEK #4: Kia Picanto Convertible, summer in the A-segment

July 11, 2024

Kia Picanto Convertible

The Kia Picanto falls into the small city car segment, which is primarily focused on practical, affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles. Demand for convertibles in this segment is generally low. Cabriolets tend to be more popular in higher market segments where customers are willing to pay more for a car with an open roof.

Stiffness a problem

In addition, small cars such as the Picanto depend on their roof for much of their structural rigidity. Removing the roof without adequate reinforcements can adversely affect the safety and handling of the car. Adding the necessary reinforcements would increase weight at the expense of performance and fuel economy.

Price is everything in the A-segment!

In the small city car segment, competition is fierce, and manufacturers usually focus on offering the best value for money. A convertible variant would probably be a niche product, which is difficult to position in a market where customers are mainly looking for affordable and practical solutions. And yet we like it, such a Kia Picanto Convertible. Then just enjoy it digitally.

Summer Week

It’s Summer Week at In this week, we highlight summer models using artificial intelligence. All the models under review do not exist. We can only dream about it.

A silver convertible with the license plate
A silver convertible with the license plate “KIA RINTO” is parked on a city street with modern buildings in the background.