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Stinger in the car: everything you need to know

October 29, 2022

How does a Stinger work in the car?

Stinger provides two types of in-car “radar detectors”: the Stinger Card and Stinger VIP. These systems can detect police laser guns and provide temporary protection from them, giving you time to adjust your speed. A Stinger also provides fixed speed camera locations and route controls via a “spot list” that is constantly updated.

Radar detection functionality is still there with Stinger’s systems, but in the Netherlands it is disabled by default. If you go to countries where it is allowed, you can download that feature via computer. Be sure to clear the radar detection feature when you enter the Netherlands.

Stinger legal in the Netherlands

In fact, a Stinger is not a radar detector. In fact, such systems have been banned in the Netherlands since Jan. 1, 2004. Because Stinger’s systems are legally classified as a “car computer,” they are legal in our country. As described above, you are not allowed to use radar detection, but LaserShield – which temporarily blocks laser guns – and laser alarms are allowed in our country.

Installation of Stinger in car

Both of Stinger’s systems must be custom-built. That’s because the Stinger consists not only of a box in the car, but also sensors in the front bumper. Optionally, it is also possible to have additional sensors installed in the rear bumper. Those sensors, by the way, are barely visible because they are hidden away in the design of each car.

Stinger radar price

Stinger does not report exact prices for its systems on its Web site. That’s because a Stinger radar detector is highly customizable to your own personal needs. Then we are talking, for example, about the number of sensors on the car and the difficulty of installation, which depends on the car. So to know how much a Stinger in your car will cost, you need to get a quote.