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Spotted: an Opel Signum

June 14, 2024

Filling niches, or trying to create new market segments, is of all times. Today, this is done with SUV-like models of all shapes and sizes, but in the years after the turn of the century you saw an even greater diversity of body shapes.

Opel Signum: new market segment?

In 2003, Opel introduced the Signum. Although it was an additional body variant of the Vectra, the Signum was positioned as a separate model. Remarkably, the Signum was positioned above the Vectra. With the roughly simultaneous demise of the Omega, the Signum thus became the brand’s new flagship model. He had to create a new market segment: that of the D-segment hatchback. Consequently, the Signum was comparable in equipment to the highest trim levels of the Vectra.

A silver Opel Signum station wagon is parked in a paved lot in front of a historic building with columns, clearly spotted for its elegance and classic charm.

A gray Opel Signum is spotted parked in a paved lot in front of a building with red awnings. Viewed from a three-quarter angle to the rear, the car exudes elegance and style.

The interior of the modern Vauxhall Signum features black seats, a gearshift, dashboard controls and a small navigation screen with a map. Spotted for its sleek design and advanced technology.

Opel Signum is spacious and luxurious

The Signum also had the slightly extended wheelbase of the Vectra Station Wagon, rather than the standard wheelbase of the other Vectra models. The focus on (relative) luxury was also reflected in the rear seat. The Signum was more of a 4+1-seater than a full-fledged five-seater, with the idea that the two passengers in the back were as spacious and comfortable as the occupants in the front. If you had to do it sometime, five of you could get in.

A green Opel Vectra station wagon was spotted parked on a flat lot under a cloudy sky. The vehicle, which resembles an Opel Signum, has a European license plate and silver alloy wheels.

A gray Opel Vectra Stationwagon, almost mistaken for an Opel Signum, was seen driving on a road, seen from behind with trees and bushes in the background.

Inside view of a car, with beige leather seats, a modern dashboard, steering wheel and center console with climate control and a monitor: classic features of the Opel Signum Spotted.

Spotted a beige leather interior of an Opel Signum with rear seats, seat belts, wood trim on the doors and a center armrest, in immaculate condition.

Opel Signum not a success

However, the market did not appear to be waiting for a very large and relatively expensive hatchback. Rationally, you would have been better off buying the much more practical Vectra Station Wagon for less money. So they did. The Opel Signum has always remained quite rare. Still, he lasted until 2008. However, a direct successor did not materialize. However, the Insignia was positioned a bit higher in the market as the successor to the Vectra, more or less in the place that the Signum occupied.

The spotted specimen

In Hoorn, we saw this 2006 Opel Signum. An original Dutch example, which has only been with its current owner for just under a year. It is also notable that with this year of registration, it really should have been post-facelift. Perhaps it has been in stock for a while? To our surprise, this is one of still 475 remaining copies on Dutch registration. So where are all these cars driving? It had really been quite a while since we last encountered a Signum….

A green Opel Signum station wagon was spotted parked in a residential street with houses in the background. The car has a Dutch license plate with the text

A green Opel Signum hatchback is parked on the street. Spotted with European registration number 13-TD-SH, in front of the vehicle is partially visible a white car. Trees and greenery adorn the background.