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Spotted: an EODev GEH2, with Toyota technology

June 6, 2023

GEH2 electro-hydrogen generator

In the event of a power outage or if there is simply no power grid, this GEH2 electro-hydrogen generator can still come in quite handy. The device can deliver a direct power of 110 kVa. The GEH2 is equipped with the latest generation of fuel cells from automaker Toyota. Basically, it contains the same fuel cell technology as a Toyota Mirai.

The GEH2 does not emit CO2, HC, NOx or other fine particles. Only hot water and filtered air. The GEH2 contains the necessary technology. Likewise, you will automatically be notified if the hydrogen level is too low. Thanks to a 4G connection, continuous online monitoring is possible.

Produced in France

EODev’s GEH2 is produced in Montlhéry at the site of industrial partner Eneria, subsidiary of the Monnoyeur Group. The materials used for manufacturing were carefully studied by EODev’s design and engineering teams to minimize the footprint throughout the life cycle.


Power generator

In fact, it is a power generator with multiple applications. The device is suitable for remote locations (life bases, shelters, islands, telecom relays) as well as confined environments (tunnels, mines, enclosed spaces). The device can also be located in so-called zero-emission zones, such as during city events. Furthermore, the GEH2 is suitable as an emergency generator for data centers, hospitals, airports, ports or banks.

Dimensions EODev GEH2

The GEH2 is 3,300 mm long, 1,100 mm wide and 2,252 mm high. It weighs 3.3 tons and can deliver 110 kVa, equivalent to a payload 88 kW. This module was spotted at Louwman & Parqui, importer of Toyota and Lexus, among others. According to the spokesperson, the device is used for events. The price tag? About 100,000 euros.