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Spotted: a Nissan Altima

July 7, 2023

Between C- and D-segment

Internationally, Nissan’s model lineup is much larger than here in Europe. Thus, the brand also has a sedan model in almost every segment on offer. The Nissan Altima, for example. It is positioned between the Sentra and the Maxima. The former can be thought of as a C-segment sedan; the Maxima is in the higher D-segment. The Altima is a bit in between, say the lower D-segment. It is actually a positioning that we are not really familiar with here: the size of a D-segmenter, but with the equipment and price of the C-segment.

Nissan Altima has grown

The first-generation Nissan Altima. For the North American market, among others, it was the successor to the Bluebird/Stanza, a model line that we also still had here in Europe. Over the years, the car grew in terms of luxury, size and appearance. The sixth generation we see here was more than ever an affordable alternative to the Maxima and is very similar to its bigger brother.

In fact, if you don’t encounter both models on a daily basis, especially when viewed from behind, you should really take a close look to see which of the two you have in front of you. Both models have also become almost the same size: both are almost exactly 4.9 meters long, and the Maxima even has a few centimeters shorter wheelbase than the Altima.

Nissan Altima has to make do with less

However, there are still clear distinctions between the two models. In terms of the extra luxury on board the Maxima, but especially under the hood. From now on, the Nissan Altima will have to do without V6 engines. There is a choice of a 2.0- and 2.5-liter four-cylinder. On the contrary, the Maxima comes (in America) exclusively with 3.5-liter V6.

The spotted specimen

The Nissan Maxima is a fairly average sedan model in the countries where it is delivered, so few people will want to import one to Europe out of enthusiasm. So it was quite a surprise to come across a Nissan Altima in the South Holland village of Driebruggen. It is a 2019 model year Altima, or the pre-facelift version of the current generation. For model year 2023, the model underwent a facelift.

The one spotted has license plates from Ukraine, from the Kiev region. As far as we can tell, Nissan’s Ukrainian model lineup does not differ significantly from what the brand supplies here, so the Nissan Altima is gray import there as well. Judging results, the Nissan Altima does seem to be a fairly popular gray import model in Ukraine. Just like many other in itself ordinary cars for the American market.