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Skoda and electric driving: simply clever!

November 6, 2022

Is electric driving what for me? More and more people believe so. For the simple reasons that the supply of electric powered cars is growing rapidly and the driving range on a full battery has increased significantly in recent years. Plus, you can charge electric cars faster and faster at home, on the road and at work. You see the same with Skoda and electric driving.

All-electric Skoda

When it comes to the increased range of electric-powered models, one need only look at Skoda. A few years ago, this brand did not have a single electric car, and now you can choose from the 100% electric-powered Skoda ENYAQ iV and ENYAQ Coupe iV.

Electric range increased

Range anxiety it was called: the fear of being stranded on the road with a dead battery and only towing off to a charging station is still possible. That fear has largely disappeared. The first electric cars drove just under 150 kilometers on a full battery; anno 2022, that is a thing of the past. Even most simple models tap a range of 300 kilometers. The 100% electric Skoda ENYAQ Coupe iV can even travel up to 559 km before it has to go back to the charging station.

More and more charging stations

Charging is also much easier today. First, the number of public charging stations along all European roads is growing significantly. And that includes more and more charging stations. For example, there are already 6,000 in Belgium and 170,000 public charging stations across Europe. Often with quick-charge capability where the nearly empty battery can be recharged to 80% in 60 minutes with direct current (DC).

Smart charging solutions from Skoda

Of course, you don’t have to wait a whole hour. In practice, 15 minutes of charging on the road is sufficient to have enough power in the battery to reach your destination. If that is at home or work then the ENYAQ iV can be further charged there with the charging cable at a charging station or a special Skoda custom home charging station. There are several options of this “wallbox” with charging capacities from 11 kW to 22 kW AC and full connectivity to remotely monitor the charging process via smartphone.

Record number of electric cars

In short, electric driving is attractive. In fact, 2022 is the year when a record number of car drivers have opted for an electric car. Not the least of which is due to financial aspects, with soaring fuel prices adding to the push. But above all, the tax advantages make driving an electric Skoda “Simply Clever.

Less CO2 emissions

Many countries are promoting electric driving and the purchase of an electric car to meet the targets agreed to in the international Climate Accord. This stipulates that CO2 emissions must be greatly reduced worldwide, and electric cars ensure that this target can be met for mobility as well.

Tax benefits

Fiscal incentives are not infrequently intense. A country like Belgium not only makes an electric car, such as the Skoda ENYAQ iV, financially attractive to purchase but also encourages charging options through tax breaks. Individuals can deduct up to 45% of the cost of a charge point and for businesses it can be as much as 200%.

Skoda and electric driving

In short, it is no longer a question of whether you will drive electric, but when you will make the switch to an electric Skoda. Besides, it drives so pleasantly. Electric cars are quieter than those with internal combustion engines. They accelerate more smoothly due to higher torque that is already fully available from the start.


Only one conclusion is possible: the era of the electric car has arrived. It drives pleasantly, it is more efficient, and it is cheaper to operate and maintain. All benefits that the tax authorities also firmly reward. For example, for the electric Skoda you pay no V.A.T. and driving tax, so no tax levy on the purchase and no road tax. Simply Clever, in other words. Want to learn more about your first electric Skoda and the benefits? CLICK HERE.