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Showtime for Kawasaki Z400 and Ninja 400 (2022)

July 13, 2022

The Z400 and Ninja 400 make their return to Kawasaki. They were sought after in the past by (small) riders looking for a light, easy to handle, yet sporty motorcycle. These new versions are sure to please this group. Also because its appearance is very similar to the Z and Ninja variants with more powerful engines.

Suitable for driving license A2

You may drive the Kawasaki Z400 and 400 Ninja with an A2 driver’s license. The paralleltwin engine delivers 45 hp and a maximum torque of 37 Nm. This gets them off to a smooth start, also because these machines are light. For example, the Z400 weighs only 167 kg roadworthy.

Large brake disc

The front fork is pretty solid with fork legs of 41 mm diameter. There is a single front brake disc but of substantial size (310 mm). From experience with Kawasaki’s previous 400 models, we know that they handle super well, brake, and that the performance is quite decent.

Kawasaki 400s are very economical

An added benefit in this day and age is low fuel consumption. With a full 14 liter tank you can easily get 350 km far and maybe even farther if you don’t demand full power all the time.

Friendly Pricing

In addition, both motorcycles are kindly priced. You can drive the Z400 from €6,849 and the Ninja 400 from €7,499. You can read more about prices and fun accessories at, of course.