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See here: the Maserati MC20 Mansory

November 20, 2022

Beautiful-or not?

Mansory modified a lot with the Maserati MC20. It uses mainly carbon fiber. By the way, they do not apply a widebody, something competitor Novitec often opts for. Mansory mounts a huge front splitter on the front. Also, the German tuner comes with a huge spoiler and other aerodynamic parts. Whether it actually adds anything to performance is not known.

Mansory Maserati MC20

Motor tuning

Mansory is working on a “performance kit” for the MC20. Exactly how much power this will add is not known. It involves (among other things) a new exhaust system and a lowering kit. The MC20 has enough power of its own: the Italian thoroughbred has 630 hp, powered by a 3.0-liter V6.


In May this year, Maserati presented the convertible version of the MC20. This model is called the MC20 Cielo, where the word “cielo” is Italian for air. Soon Mansory will also present a version of the MC20 Cielo. That one might get a slightly more subtle rear wing, because the one on the dense
MC20 by Mansory
is what you call gigantic.

Mansory Maserati MC20