Saving on parking costs in major cities

September 28, 2022

Parking Den Bosch, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht means not only a nice day out, but also finding the right garage. That’s not always cheap. Fortunately, this does not have to mean that you can no longer travel by car to major cities. Because how nice is it to be able to take your car and park in a reliable and also inexpensive garage? And believe us, this really is possible. Wondering how you can park relatively cheaply in your favorite city from now on? If so, take advantage of the following tips.

Park just outside the city

If you don’t mind parking a little further out of town, this is a very good solution. That way you’ll soon save dozens of euros anyway. In doing so, make use of a so-called P+R. This is a parking garage just outside the city. Often different forms of public transportation are also often present here. Consider a nearby train station or a direct bus line. Do you park your car here? Then you will receive a free ticket to travel on public transportation that day.

In this way, large cities are trying to keep as many cars out of the city center as possible. This is advantageous for them, but also for you. Thanks to the P+R, you will still be in the center very quickly and save a lot of money. Because let’s face it, you’d much rather spend those euros on snacks and drinks on the terrace, wouldn’t you?

Compare rates online

The advantage of larger cities is that there are a lot of parking garages available. These garages will compete with each other. Therefore, it definitely pays to compare rates online in advance. That way you know exactly where the rate is currently the lowest. Pay attention not only to the rate per x-minutes, but also look at the maximum daily rate. Sometimes a garage seems cheaper, but very quickly you move to a (much) more expensive daily rate. Then you will still lose more money than expected.

Know what the maximum daily rate is

In most garages, you pay a fee about every ten minutes. If you stand for more than a few hours, this changes entirely to a fixed daily rate. During a day in Den Bosch, Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht, you probably won’t be back in the garage within two hours. So it is good to look especially at the maximum daily rate. That way you know in advance exactly what your maximum parking costs will be.