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Safely park your car at Schiphol

November 23, 2023

After booking your trip through Schiphol, you naturally prefer to sit back and wait until you can actually travel. Still, you have to think about the drive to Schiphol as well. The most comfortable way remains by car.

In this case, however, you still need to park your car at Schiphol Airport. After many negative reports in the media, it is imaginable that you would like to have clarity before you park your car anywhere.

Therefore, in this article, we will address the following question, “how to safely park my car at Schiphol Airport.” After reading this article, you will know exactly what to look for and how to book a safe and reliable parking space.

Where can I park my car?

One of the first questions you can ask yourself is where to park your car. Most people don’t fly that often, so then it’s not surprising to have little knowledge of the airport parking market.

Official parking lots vs parking companies

First, a distinction can be made between official parking lots and alternative parking companies.

Official parking lots are those managed by Schiphol itself. Here you can park at a number of different locations, such as P1 Schiphol within walking distance or P3 Schiphol with a transfer.

If you really want to save money, you are best off with one of the alternative parking companies. These are companies that have parking spaces available near Schiphol Airport. Here you normally park with a shuttle service or valet service.

Of course, we will tell you more about the aforementioned parking service. For example, we tell you all the handy tips for valet parking.

How can I park my car?

Parking at airports can be done in several ways, depending on the location of the parking lot in question. There are as many as five different parking methods in all.

Parking within walking distance

The most obvious is parking within walking distance. Here you park your car and then walk through to the departure hall. Parking is available here including reservation by license plate recognition. It is also possible to park without a reservation, in which case you pay at one of the pay machines upon your return.

Parking with shuttle service

If the parking lot is a little farther away you can use a shuttle service. In this case, you park your car and then you are taken to the airport in a shuttle van. Upon your return, you will be picked up and returned.

Parking with valet service

If you don’t feel like parking your car yourself, you can use a valet service. With a valet service, you hand over your car to a driver, this is done at the airport departure hall. The driver will park your car and return it upon your return.

Perhaps you think it’s a scary idea to let strangers ride in your car. Then consider one of the best trip tracking apps. Again, this gives you just a little extra security.

Parking by cab or public transportation

There are also parking options that make parking accessible via public transportation or cab service. Within the service hours of public transportation you take the bus and outside of this you use a cab. Service included, of course.

Park, sleep & fly

Finally, you can also park at a hotel through a park, sleep & fly service. Here you park your car, sleep one night at the hotel and then you can continue to the airport. Your car will remain parked during your trip. Parking is often within walking distance or by shuttle service.

How do I find parking options?

You obviously want to know what the options are and how to find them. However, the answer is simple: compare parking Schiphol through an online comparison and booking platform. Through, for example, you can easily find and book your options.

All these platforms work the same way; you select your travel dates and then the available parking options are displayed. You can easily compare these options until you find the ideal parking space.

In most cases, you can reserve these parking spaces directly online. You will receive a confirmation including voucher by email and the reservation is complete!

How do I know if a parking lot is reliable?

During the comparison process, of course, you get to see a lot of information. It may still seem difficult to figure out the best choice. However, there are some tips that can make things a little easier for you.

Filter based on your preferences

See which way of parking suits you best. You can then filter by the desired parking method to see only the relevant options. You can then filter through these options again based on your needs, such as key retention or electric charging.

View reviews and experiences

In addition, reviews are a hugely important indicator. Each parking company has report ratings and often reviews/experiences are insightful. So you can see how others have experienced it.

Check photos and amenities

Finally, you can also check the photos and amenities. Again, one parking lot is just a little more secure than another.


Finding a safe and reliable parking space at Schiphol Airport is easily arranged. By comparing online you will know what the options are, and if you know what to look out for you will have a parking space arranged in just a few minutes!