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Royal designation for Louwman Group

October 6, 2023

At the atmospheric Louwman Museum in The Hague, the distinguished Louwman family business was honored with a special award. With family and colleagues present as witnesses, President Eric Louwman and Evert Louwman received the Predicate Royal, awarded by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, from the hands of Jaap Smit, Commissioner of the King in South Holland. Mayor Jan van Zanen of The Hague also attended this festive lunch.

From Dream to Royal Reality!

What started in 1923 as the boyhood dream of Piet Louwman and Arie Parqui has grown into a thriving family business. Over the decades, Louwman has not only made a significant contribution to Dutch society and economy, but has also undergone an impressive transformation. The Predicate Royal is an ultimate recognition and marks a historic milestone for the company.

3,800 employees

Louwman Group has become a leading mobility provider, with strong brands and a broad service package around passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, e-bikes, mobility scooters, public transport and mobility aids. With import companies for car brands Toyota, Lexus, Morgan and Suzuki, Louwman Group is among the largest car distributors in Europe. Motorcycles and outboard motors are also familiar territory. Louwman Dealer Group spans more than 70 retail locations. At Louwman Group, 3,800 employees in five divisions operate in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Eric Louwman, President Louwman Group, shares his enthusiasm: “It is with great honor and pride that we can receive this Predicate Royal. The warm words of both the Commissioner of the King in South Holland and the Mayor of The Hague during the handover were invaluable to our family. As a family business, we consider this royal recognition a crowning achievement of one hundred years of entrepreneurship.

With 3,800 colleagues as our valued employees, we always have an eye on long-term relationships: with our customers and our brand partners. For us, mobility represents more than transportation – it encompasses emotion, accessibility and freedom. This tribute to our passion reflects respect, appreciation and trust, values that are at the core of our business. This recognition applies to the past, the present and especially to future generations. We look forward confidently to the next hundred years.”