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Roadtrip – Traveling in Lyon region with DS9 E-TENSE 4×4 360 (MY23)

June 22, 2023

Road trip DS9 and Lyon

Well, Lyon. One of France’s largest cities, located in the region where the Rhône and Saône rivers meet. But Lyon is also a city filled with quaint neighborhoods, a rich history and, not unimportantly, several locations for fine dining with a good glass of wine. The link to DS Automobiles? If we translate it into automotive terms: exceptional design, also a rich history and a great place to be in. In short: there is quite a match.

Art of Travel Experience

For DS Automobiles, it was reason enough for a unique Art of Travel Experience through the Massif Central along wonderful stops: Maison Auvigue (winery in the Roche de Solutré), restaurant La Colline du Colombiers of the famous restaurant family Troisgros and Velours de Lyon – where clothing is made by hand for the biggest fashion houses. Sounds good, right? Our transportation: a brand new DS 9 model year 2023.

DS 9 2023

What’s new about the DS9?

Must say: there is not a whole lot new about the DS9 (MY23). This is limited to the new DS Iris System (infotainment) and the chic Esprit de Voyage trim. At the event, we opted for a DS9 E-TENSE 4×4 360, the variant with the most potent powertrain. Can’t help it: call it natural attraction of a car enthusiast. Seat ventilation on, massage on, music through the speakers and on y va.

Esprit de Voyage

The DS9 in question is an Esprit de Voyage. What makes this variant so special? Think exclusive light gray (Pearl Grey) leather interior, as well as various artistic details. Of course, we detect several Esprit de Voyage badges, as well as 19-inch Chambord rims, exterior mirror caps with Clous de Paris pattern, illuminated door sill strips and – finally – an Esprit de Voyage logo pressed into the leather upholstery, as a symbol that emphasizes the DS9 Esprit de Voyage’s character as a luxury travel car.

DS 9 2023

DS Iris System

About the new DS Iris System. This revamped interface is both user-friendly and visually appealing. The 12-inch HD touchscreen feels like a large smartphone. Or iPad, if you will. Whether you need the 3D Connected navigation, the 360° camera view, want to control your air conditioning, or view your ride information, everything is at your fingertips. More importantly, you can also find everything quite easily. Important, because distractions in a region like Lyon are something you don’t want. Who knows, you might miss a historic building if you glance at the display for two seconds.

Smart navigation

The connected navigation works very well. The system takes real-time account of traffic conditions and chooses the most efficient route. It also displays alerts for dangerous situations and speed checks, as well as weather and locations of nearby fueling or charging stations.

DS9 E-TENSE 4×4 360

The DS9 E-TENSE 4×4 360 – equipped with a 200-hp turbocharged gasoline engine and two electric motors – glides amazingly smoothly through the sloping French countryside. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds is very fast. The different driving modes allow you to switch between sporty and comfort, for example, as desired. Still, as far as we are concerned, that mode of “sporty” is unnecessary. As far as we are concerned, the DS9 is not a car to “yak” in. No, you have to drive it quietly, like a Rolls-Royce. Then he is in his element. In comfort mode, the DS9 uses a camera that scans the road surface to adjust the suspension in real time. That works just fine, as we find out as we drive to various locations around Lyon.

Travel around Lyon

Lyon is the former capital of Gaul and has a remarkable historical, architectural and gastronomic heritage. It forms the base of this trip to enjoy the finer things in life. We ride below through the Monts du Lyonnais and Beaujolais to the Maconnais and the Roche de Solutré. There we find, among other things, Maison Auvigue, housed in a renovated church. This unique venue features extensive barrel collections and a wine cellar of Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran and other names of the Chardonnay grape variety. Definitely worth a visit, should you be in the area.

Former stable

A visit to La Colline du Colombiers of the Troisgros family is also on the agenda. Funny thing: in a former stable – whose frame and walls have been excellently preserved – you can eat excellent food. Only local products are used. Ever heard of Velours de Lyon? That’s the next stop. This company specializes in the production of plain velvet and jacquard for clothing and furniture. Its products are used by the best fashion houses and luxury clothing brands. In no time our time in Lyon will be over. We still have to return the keys to the DS9 – despite a very friendly nod. Would have preferred not to, but oh well. What must be, must be.

Conclusion DS9 2023

All in all, the 2023 model year DS9 offers a particularly fine driving experience. It is a car that seamlessly combines beauty and technology. Lots of power, advanced technology, the DS9 has it all. Then the car has nothing that other models from other brands do not have: it is aesthetically very distinctive. A maverick, though. But that very thing can be very attractive. In a world awash with crossovers and SUVs, the DS9 is a car that effortlessly manages to stand out, including luxury and comfort. It is a car you have to experience to fully understand. It is more than just a car, it is actually a work of art on wheels. That may or may not be your thing. In any case, you call it sex appeal, something everyone interprets differently.

Copyright photography: GREG JONGERLYNK

DS 9 2023

DS 9 2023