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Road test: Toyota Aygo X

July 9, 2022

A “warning” in advance: the Toyota Aygo X you see in the photos here is not the car we drove. We tested the Aygo X Limited in the color ‘Cardamom Green’. This limited-edition Aygo X with orange-colored design accents is already nearly sold out, according to a Toyota Nederland spokesperson. Hence, this time we did not take our own pictures and opted for pictures of a specimen in the color ‘Chili Red’ with black roof from Toyota itself.

toyota aygo x drive test

Jolly color

By the way, there will be another new limited edition, but in a different color than the army green ‘Cardamom Green’ of our test car. By the way, if you want the Aygo X in such a jolly color, you’ll have to dig deeper than what the base model should fetch (from 16,550 euros). The basic version and successive versions Play and First are available only in the nondescript colors white, silver and black. You don’t get the roof in contrasting black either. It is precisely because of that bi-tone paint that the Aygo X looks so playful.

With its relatively large wheels and pronounced wheel arches, the Aygo X looks not only tough but also very mature.

Less of a jump in the field

From the Envy version (starting at 22,050 euros), the Aygo X is available as a bi-tone. The two-tone paint finishes off the Aygo X’s design. With its relatively large wheels (in almost all cases 17- or even 18-inch) and pronounced wheel arches with plastic protection, the Aygo X looks not only tough but also very mature and less jumpy than its predecessor.

No shrinkage

The driving characteristics are also mature. We drove both in the city and on the highway and each time we were impressed at how comfortable the Aygo X is for its class. Even when driving on less passable roads with manhole covers, cross ridges, thresholds and streetcar rails every so often, as is often the case in the city, the Toyota doesn’t budge. Consequently, the wheelbase grew by 9 cm compared to its smaller predecessor and you notice it. There is absolutely no question of hopping. Pretty clever, considering the relatively large size of the wheels.

Aygo X a lot more mature

Also in the front, behind the wheel, you notice that the Aygo X is a lot more mature than its predecessor Aygo (without the letter X). At least as long as you don’t look back. Because then you see that the back seat is only suitable for groceries or a small dog. You can’t really get rid of children here with any decency either, unless you hate them. Up front, however, you feel like you’re driving a higher-end car. The space here is exemplary. You don’t sit shoulder to shoulder with your passenger and have plenty of room.

toyota aygo x

Larger luggage space

Toyota says its own research has shown that A-segment cars are almost always driven without passengers in the back seat, hence the minimal space here in the Aygo X. The extra length of 23.5 cm compared to its predecessor mainly benefits the driver and the person in the passenger seat. And the luggage compartment, because it is 60 liters larger than before and now amounts to a very acceptable 231 liters for its segment. The dashboard consists mainly of hard plastic that seems to last a hundred years.

The three-cylinder gasoline engine offers remarkable agility

Without grumbling and humming

The 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine with 53 kW/72 hp is carried over from the Aygo and offers remarkable agility. You can shift up to fifth gear very early in town and on provincial roads and continue on your way without any jumps. A traffic circle you take with ease in its three. The engine runs low revs without grumbling and humming which has a positive effect on consumption. It turned out that after a week of driving, we had scored an average of 1 in 20 without any effort.


So smoothness and consumption are in good shape. The power is that slightly less. At a minimum of 1,015 kg, the Aygo X is a bit heavier than its predecessor which weighed less than 850 kg and you notice that. There is no way to quickly overtake a truck on the highway without pushing the gas pedal to the limit. Dramatic it all is not, but every time we were on the road, we still daydreamed about a four-cylinder with, say, 90 horsepower. This would make the Aygo X truly mature. But then again, those European environmental requirements huh….

Equipped with cloud navigation and wireless Apple CarPlay

Our Aygo X Limited is the second most complete version. Therefore, we lacked nothing. Cloud navigation, JBL audio with four speakers and a subwoofer, a clear touchscreen, seat heating, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless smartphone charging, power windows and door mirrors; it’s all there. We were most pleased with the parking sensors and rearview camera, because visibility diagonally to the rear is not too good due to the wide C-pillar and small rear side windows. So look back carefully when overtaking.

toyota aygo x

Generous safety equipment

In terms of equipment, the Aygo X impresses even more with its generous safety equipment. Even the base version is equipped with automatic high beam, adaptive cruise control, Lane Departure Alert and Lane Trace Assist, a Pre-Collision System with pedestrian and cyclist detection and traffic sign recognition. In its class, this can safely be called remarkable. Our Limited was also equipped with a canvas roof that can be opened and closed electrically. The extra investment of 995 euros is well worth it.

Crossover design

Conclusion: that the Aygo X Limited in its current form is already almost forgiven, we fully understand. The purchase price of 23,850 euros may be a bit steep, but it is offset by a very complete equipment. Almost everyone loves the crossover design of the Aygo X (we do too) and the handling is very mature for the segment. In the front you have all the space and comfort, the space in the back comes in handy when you go hoarding at the largest supermarket chain in our country. Couple this with Toyota’s proven reliability and there’s no doubt that the Aygo X will have a bright future.