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RFO warns of organizations applying for SEPP subsidy on your behalf

October 23, 2023

Not needed

Taking a SEPP subsidy application out of your hands is totally unnecessary, according to the RFO. “You apply to RFO for a subsidy for the Subsidy Scheme for Electric Passenger Cars for Private Individuals (SEPP). You do this after you have concluded a purchase or lease agreement. Through our platform you easily view and manage your application,” RVO said.

Just do it yourself

RFO’s advice is not to use organizations that operate online offering to apply for SEPP for you. In fact, it is very easy to arrange yourself online. You just need to have the right documents on hand. Not a hero behind the computer? Then ask a family member or close friend with “computer experience” for help.

SEPP applications

To apply for SEPP online, you need a DigiD. This link makes it easy to apply for SEPP. Thanks to this subsidy, individuals receive a “discount” of 2,950 euros on a new electric passenger car. About 33 million euros is still available. 34 million euros has already been given away. The subsidy of 2,950 euros will be returned to the buyer of the electric car at once, but it is also possible to get a subsidy in combination with a private lease contract. The monthly amount will then be slightly lower.

Requirements car

However, the car must meet certain requirements. For example, the car is new, is 100% electric, is in your name on the vehicle registration register on or after January 1, 2023, has a range of at least 120 kilometers (WLTP), and has an original new price of at least 12,000 euros and a maximum of 45,000 euros. The car must be registered for at least three years after SEPP approval. Salient detail: the car does not have to be delivered yet when you apply for a subsidy.