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Revolution in car ownership: why choose a car subscription?

December 1, 2023

What does it entail?

A car subscription is a relatively new way to own a car without actually having to buy it. Instead of buying or leasing a car, you can choose to take out a car subscription. With a car subscription, you get to use a car for a certain period of time, usually several months or years. This means you have the benefits of owning a car, such as mobility and freedom, without the worries of maintenance, insurance and depreciation.

Benefits of a car subscription

There are several advantages to choosing a car subscription. First, it is often more financially attractive than buying a car. You do not have to spend a large sum of money all at once, but pay a fixed amount monthly. This can be advantageous if you don’t have a large savings account or if you prefer to invest your money in something else.

In addition, a car subscription offers flexibility. You can use the car during the agreed period and then decide whether you want to continue with the subscription or not. This gives you the freedom to switch cars whenever you want, depending on your needs and preferences.

Another advantage is that a car subscription usually covers the cost of insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. This means that you have no additional costs beyond the monthly fee you pay. This can be useful if you don’t want to worry about unexpected expenses for repairs or insurance, for example.

Comparison with leasing

Although a car subscription and leasing a car are similar, there are some important differences. With a car subscription you usually pay a fixed amount per month, while with a lease the cost depends on the number of miles you drive. This means that with an auto subscription, you can often better predict what your monthly costs will be.

Another difference is that a car lease is often more flexible than a lease. With a car subscription you can often use the car for a shorter period of time, while with leasing you usually sign a contract for several years. This can be useful if, for example, you change jobs and need another car.

Car subscription without BKR review

A major advantage of an auto loan is that it is possible to get an auto loan without BKR. This means that you can lease a car even if you have a negative BKR registration. So for people who have trouble leasing a car because of a negative BKR registration, a car lease can be a good option.