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Review – Volvo EX40 (MY2025), a new name, but also new technology

March 6, 2024

Volvo XC40 Recharge becomes Volvo EX40

The Volvo XC40 is one of the best-selling cars in the Netherlands. There was talk of more than 8,500 registrations in 2023, including more than 6,300 all-electric versions. There are now more than 45,000 XC40s driving in the Netherlands. But from now on, we must make distinctions. The Volvo XC40 Recharge is now called EX40. The model name C40 Recharge has also been renamed, to EC40. With this, the naming of Volvo’s all-electric models will always be recognizable by the initial letter “E. The model name for the Mild-hybrid version will not change; it will remain XC40. The new model names coincide with the introduction of the new 2025 model year.

Technical upgrades

There are also technical upgrades for the Volvo EX40. For the Single Motor, a new battery will become available with 70 kWh (was 69 kWh), with up to 180 kW fast charging (was 135 kW). This decreases the 10-80% charge time from 34 minutes to 26 minutes. The Twin Motor will be succeeded by the Twin Motor Performance as of the 2025 model year. This Performance version has more power and slightly faster acceleration. Additional power on the front axle increases from 150 hp (110 kW) to 184 hp (135 kW). The system output of 442 hp (325 kW) accounts for the car’s 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.6 seconds.

Volvo EX40 (MY2025)

Saving energy

In addition to the increase in power, there is also a Performance Drive Mode. This gives faster pedal response and ensures that both engines are always engaged. When driving slowly and in normal driving mode, the engine on the front axle shuts down to save energy. The motor reengages on both axles when a lot of power or traction is required.

VOLVO EX40 (MY2025) – New name but also new technology! – REVIEW – AutoRAI TV

Higher seating position

The emphasis in the Volvo EX40 is still on comfort. The ergonomics are well done and the materials used in the interior are also carefully chosen. The seating position is significantly higher compared to the smaller Volvo EX30, and space in the rear is also significantly more compared to that smaller Volvo crossover. For that reason, Volvo also expects the EX40 to remain particularly popular among buyers, as not everyone finds an EX30 spacious enough. With a height of 1.85 meters, you have little to look for in the back of the EX30 anyway, then the EX40/XC40 is definitely the better choice.

Different motor variants

Volvo supplies the EX40 in several engine versions. We list them.

Volvo EX40 Single Motor

Volvo EX40 Single Motor Extended Range

Volvo EX40 Twin Motor Performance

Volvo EX40 (MY2025)

Black Edition

In honor of the launch of EX40 and EC40, Volvo is introducing the Black Edition on both models. The Black Edition version combines a complete black exterior with a number of additional luxury options. For example, the car is finished in Onyx Black metallic, the logos and emblems are done in glossy black and the 20-inch rims are also completely glossy black. The Black Edition also features Harman Kardon premium audio, 360-degree cameras and the Pixel LED headlights. The EX40 Black Edition is available starting at 54,995 euros. The Black Edition is also available on the Volvo EC40.

Volvo EX40 (MY2025)

Steering in Swedish Lapland

We are with the Volvo EX40 (MY2025) in Swedish Lapland where Volvo challenges us to drive the car to the limit on a 3.7-kilometer ice track on a frozen lake. The circuit offers 75 turns. With ESP engaged, you can still drive on ice at quite a high speed without drastically disturbing the balance. You do notice constantly that the power is being squeezed by the ESP system with the goal of maintaining balance in the car.

We drive the Twin Motor Performance version, a car with 442 horsepower in other words. That helps to still be able to play a little on ice, but even then you notice that the car quickly intervenes again. This is not a driver’s car, but a car for someone who wants to safely transport the family. Now, of course, riding on ice is extreme. In the Netherlands, that will almost never happen. But when it does happen, the EX40 will keep its cool and, as a result, so will you. The Volvo XC40 has always been a more than complete family SUV with good driving characteristics, and it still is as an EX40. It is an everyman’s friend.

Volvo EX40 (MY2025)