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Review – Tesla Model Y Performance (2022), this isn’t normal, is it?

November 4, 2022

Electric cars everywhere

If you look around the Netherlands a bit, you will notice that the number of all-electric cars is starting to increase at a rapid pace. A short drive down the A2 already yields several spots, from an electric Fiat 500e to a BMW iX3 and Audi E-Tron GT. And of course we also spy several Tesla cars, but no Tesla Model Y Performance yet. Tesla was there early with its Model S and Model X. Later came the Model 3 and its SUV brother: the Tesla Model Y. And so a wish of Tesla CEO Elon Musk came true: a SEXY model lineup.

Tesla Model Y: three variants

The Tesla Model Y now comes in several flavors. Three to be exact. The Tesla Model Y is available starting at $49,990. You then get a rear-wheel drive-only version with 455 kilometers of driving range, a top speed of 217 km/h and a 0-100 time of 6.9 seconds. For the Dutch market just the one to have. But some people prefer more.

Tesla Model Y Performance (2022), makes no sense at all! – AutoRAI TV

Dual Motor

Fortunately, there is also a Tesla Model Y Dual Motor version. That one is a bit more expensive. And faster, too, of course, because more power. The Tesla Model Y Dual Motor Long Range starts at $65,990. In this case, you have 533 kilometers of driving range and a 0-100 time of 5.0 seconds.

Tesla Model Y Performance

But another version has appeared: the Performance. For 70,000 euros, you get the keys – well, it’s more like a key card – of the Tesla Model Y Dual Motor Performance. So the top version. That has a WLTP driving range of 514 kilometers, reaches a top speed of 250 km/h and sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. You read it right: 3.7 seconds for a family SUV. It is almost maddening.

System power Performance variant

Although Tesla never communicates figures on system power, a power indication of 562 hp (413 kW) puts us awfully close to the actual power output. Impressive is the torque of 660 Nm. The Model Y has an 82 kWh battery. In practice, you can get more than 460 kilometers out of that if you try a little hard.

Economical driving is also possible

Laden, the Model Y Performance weighs a hefty 2,072 kilograms. Despite that rather high weight, it is quite possible to drive energy-efficiently. A consumption figure of about 20 kWh is quite possible. So they are doing a good job at Tesla after all.

Features for Model Y Performance

Coming back to that “Performance” for a moment, what exactly is so “Performance” about the top version of the Tesla Model Y? At least know that in addition to extra power, you also get 21-inch Überturbine rims, a stronger braking system, a lowered suspension and aluminum foot pedals. Optically, there are no differences, although the Performance version does have a subtle carbon fiber rear spoiler. But with that, all is said.

Tire noise

And what do you notice about it while driving? Well, that the Model Y Performance is making bizarre strides. What power there is in this electric SUV. The sense of control is good and the car is excellent on the road. Thanks to the larger wheels, you do sacrifice some comfort. Quite a bit of tire noise penetrates the interior. Additional sound insulation in the wheel wells may be the solution.


The lowered suspension also makes the car a bit stiffer, while the Model Y is already a fairly stiff car by itself. That must be your thing. It never becomes uncomfortable, by the way. It fits pretty well with the Performance story behind this car. It’s a concession you’re probably happy to make to enjoy all the power over and over again. In addition, it makes the car handle more tightly.

Total package is right

We would be only too happy to make that concession. And not only because this Model Y Performance has power in abundance, but also because the overall package is just right on almost all fronts. Although Tesla has only been around for a decade or so, you can’t tell from any part. Indeed, some things are just better done than in cars from any other manufacturer. The operation of all systems, for example. So simple and so intuitive. The infotainment system should put in any other car, as should all the entertainment options associated with it. Who doesn’t want to watch Netflix or Disney+ while charging the car? Few other brands offer this as well.

Simple interior

You have to love the simplistic interior. Everything looks sleek and clean. The hefty touchscreen forms the central control of the Tesla Model Y. Perhaps it requires some getting used to at first, but soon you cycle through all the menus at breakneck speed. By the way, what could be better is key recognition. The key card should be placed centrally on the center tunnel, but by no means always is the card quickly recognized. By the way, you can also turn a smartphone into a key, but even then everything should work smoothly.

Also a little practical?

By the way, the Tesla Model Y is also practical. It offers more than enough space, both in the back seat and in the luggage compartment. In the trunk, Tesla also applies a parcel shelf. It was not in earlier versions. Elon Musk has listened to the feedback. He must have seen a post pass by on Twitter. Anyway: the second row has adjustable backrests, and in the trunk you will find handy buttons that allow you to easily electrically fold down the backrests. On vacation with a Performance and lack of space? The car is allowed to tow 1,600 kilograms braked.

Conclusion review Tesla Model Y Performance

Tesla outdoes itself with this Model Y Performance. It is a wonderful mile-eater that also stands its ground on a winding mountain pass or polder road and leaves you amazed at its performance every time. The car is thoughtful, on all fronts. Of course there are areas for improvement, but the total package Tesla already has to offer tastes like more. Not to mention Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network. Another reason to choose this car.

And to answer the main question of this review: no, the Tesla Model Y Performance is not normal. At least, his performance is abnormal. Otherwise, this Tesla has remained very ordinary. A fine combo and therefore not only a nice choice, but also a wise one.