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Review – SsangYong Torres (2023) – SsangYong finally stands a chance in the Netherlands.

September 5, 2023


Hearing the name SsangYong does not immediately ring a bell with most Dutch people. But, make no mistake, this South Korean brand has been running in our car market for years. They are best known for their tough off-roaders and imposing SUVs, think of the Rexton, Tivoli and the Korando. SsangYong has weathered quite a few turbulent waters in recent years, but now they have a new owner at the helm: Korea’s KG Group.

KG Mobility

There are plans to rename the brand to KG Mobility, abbreviated to KGM, but for now it still says SsangYong on the butt of the car we get to meet for the first time in the Ardennes: the Torres. It is one of three new models the brand will introduce in the near future. The name Torres refers to the national park in Chile, indicating that this SUV is primarily aimed at adventurous drivers looking for a rugged SUV. In terms of dimensions, the Torres is positioned above the Korando, as it measures 4.70 meters.

Gasoline Brother

Under the hood of the Torres is a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, good for 163 hp and 280 Nm of torque. So he is not electric. At least, not the version we got to test. So why are we driving it? Quite simply, the electric variant of the Torres, the Torres EVX, is scheduled for early 2024. This electric version will be largely the same car, albeit with some subtle tweaks to the design and, of course, an electric powertrain. So it’s worth taking a closer look at its gasoline brother.

Torres EVX

Fortunately, we can already tell you some of the specifications of the Torres EVX. Thus, it gets a 73 kWh battery from Chinese car and battery manufacturer BYD. This is a cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate battery, which BYD calls the Blade Battery. This battery is extra safe and has a long life, according to BYD. According to rumors, Tesla is also purchasing these batteries for their production facility in Germany. So the SsangYong Torres EVX will soon have practically the same battery pack as a Tesla Model Y. A smart choice by the Koreans.


The brand expects the electric Torres to achieve some 420 to 450 kilometers on a single battery charge. A 207-hp electric motor provides propulsion. 3-phase charging is standard and so is V2L. In short, it can also supply power back. Handy if you’re out in nature and still want to make a cup of coffee or inflate your air mattress.

Sturdy SUV

SsangYong will make some modest changes to the design of the Torres for the electric version, but do not expect drastic changes. At the front of the Torres are six double bars, somewhat reminiscent of Jeep design. The sleek, flat headlights with sleek daytime running lights that extend under the headlights and continue on the sides give the Torres a contemporary look. Except at the wheel arches, you don’t encounter many round lines and shapes. In short, the Torres retains its signature SsangYong look: rugged and ready for adventure. Even the indicators in the side mirrors have an angular design.

Range Rover

The rear also looks tough and robust, with a touch of Range Rover design. Just look at the taillights. The Torres appears to have a back door – like a Defender – but appearances can be deceiving. It may have a door handle, but the door – or rather tailgate – simply swings upward. The trunk capacity is impressive: 703 liters. With the rear seats folded down, the cargo volume grows to 1,663 liters.

Prices SsangYong Torres

The Torres as we have already had the opportunity to drive it – with gasoline engine – is not officially coming to the Netherlands. This SsangYong then also faces a hefty bpm fine. So it will be a few more months of waiting for the electric Torres EVX. More electric SsangYong models will come to Europe later. These include a pickup version of the Torres EVX and new, spiritual successors to the Korando and Rextor. Want to know more details? Then watch our first introduction in the video below: