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Review – Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric (2024)

March 15, 2024

Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric

Renault – along with Nissan and Tesla – is a pioneer in electric driving. The Renault Zoe entered the market back in 2013 and is still on sale. The model has improved considerably over the years, but is now on its last legs. Time for fresh blood! Two years ago the electric Megane appeared on the market and now the electric Scenic may make its appearance. It will not stop there, as the electric Renault 5 will appear on the scene after the summer, and not much later the new Renault 4.

The numbers

So under the hood of the new Scenic is no longer a gasoline engine, but an electric motor with 170 hp or 220 hp of power. Both variants offer a dynamic driving experience that meets the demands of both city driving and long-distance travel. Although you won’t be the first EV away at the stoplight. The 220-hp variant we tested takes about 8.5 seconds for a 0-100 sprint. It is fast enough to move smoothly through traffic.

625 kilometers

The Scenic E-Tech Electric is offered with two battery variants: a 60 kWh version with a range of 420 kilometers and a powerful 87 kWh version that can travel as much as 625 kilometers on a single charge. Fine numbers, but nothing earth-shattering. But how does that work in practice? During our first test drive – in the mountains around Malaga – after 120 kilometers, we sat at an average consumption of 18 kWh per 100 kilometers. Nothing to be ashamed of. With the smaller battery pack, the Scenic can handle 130 kW of charging power, with the large battery pack 150 kW. Charging at home or charging at a public charging station, it can handle up to 22 kW.

Driving experience

The Scenic with the large battery pack offers impressive endurance, making it ideal for long vacation trips abroad. On the highway, he feels completely in his element. On less good asphalt, you notice that the suspension is on the firm side. The French also emphasize dynamics over comfort these days. While the Scenic certainly offers comfort, it is not as pronounced as French cars used to be.

Practical and family-friendly

Although the transformation to an SUV format marks a new chapter for the Scenic, its practicality remains unaffected. With spacious luggage space ranging from 545 liters to 1,670 liters and a deep compartment for charging cables, the Scenic still offers the versatility families love. The towing weight is the same for all variants: 1,100 kg. Passenger comfort is not forgotten, with plenty of legroom, and as many as four USB-C ports in the back. Nice touch: the handy cup holders with tablet and phone holders, allowing children to stay still and stare at their screens throughout the trip.


The Scenic’ s interior is infused with smart technologies. Google’s Android Automotive operating system, including Google Maps navigation and an app store, is the best infotainment system available today. The system can schedule its own charging stops and preheat the battery, so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time at a charger. The workmanship is thick. The version we are driving – the fat Esprit Alpine variant – comes with a lot of extra fancy goodies – such as an insane panoramic roof (watch the video!) – and blue carpeting.

The prices of the Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric at a glance:

Comfort Range: 60 kWh – 170 hp – 420 km range = 42,470 euros

Longe Range: 87 kWh – 220 hp – 620 km range = 47,970 euros