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Review – Renault Kangoo E-Tech Electric

November 5, 2022

Cities want to move toward emission-free

Several Dutch municipalities may go on lockdown for vans with combustion engines as of Jan. 1, 2025. Do not be alarmed because the soup is not eaten as hot as it is served. Still, you can bet that large cities in particular are going to declare downtown areas off limits to commercial vehicles and trucks with exhausts. So then electric is the only option, like the electric Renault Kangoo.

Electric Renault Kangoo offers possibilities

By itself, electric driving should be possible for at least some companies. The supply of electric-powered vans is also increasing significantly. And so are capabilities and range on a full battery. One example is the new Renault Kangoo E-Tech Electric, which is considerably more advanced than the previous generation with electric drive. Renault indicates up to 300 km. In practice, this is around 270 km.

Open sesame system

The electric Renault Kangoo has another nice special feature: on the passenger side, there is no B-pillar. With the door and sliding door open, you then have a side opening 1.45 meters wide! Open sesame is called this system, for which there is an additional cost of 1,000 euros.

Not for all Kangoo versions

Renault also has that wide side opening for the combustion engine versions, just not in the Netherlands for tax reasons. In fact, because of the open sesame construction, there is no completely closed partition for the cargo area. This is a requirement for a gray license plate commercial vehicle. Then companies can reclaim the BPM tax, and that won’t happen if the wall is only half closed. The electric Kangoo does not have this problem because electric vans are BPM-free. Even the lack of a partition then has no effect on pricing.

Also for long load

The cargo area has a capacity of 3.9 cubic meters (3,900 liters). It fits a euro pallet. Long objects succeed perfectly because the passenger seat can be laid completely flat. After folding forward the barred part in the partition, you can load up to the dashboard. Also convenient: with passenger seat folded down, sidewall folded down and sliding door plus door open, you have exceptionally generous access to the cargo area. You roll a wheeled tool cabinet or wall in this spot and you have everything you need at your fingertips, without having to crawl into the cargo area every time.

Drives silently

The electric motor delivers 90 kW (120 hp) of power. The strongest diesel engine for the Kangoo comes in at 115 horsepower. Towing power of 245 Nm is also on par with the diesel. However, the electric motor delivers that torque directly. So when you push the power pedal hard, the Kangoo shoots out of the starting blocks. This happens silently. You only hear the tires and at higher speeds some wind noise.

One pedal driving

The battery pack provides a lower center of gravity which you notice when cornering. The Kangoo hardly tilts at all. The transmission is automatic, of course. An electric motor drives the wheels directly; intervention by a gearbox or clutch is unnecessary. You can move the transmission lever sideways to position B to set the degree of engine braking yourself in three positions. By default, it is in position 2. In position 3, the delay is stronger. In principle, you can then use the power pedal to slow down sufficiently quickly. One pedal driving is then possible.

Adaptive cruise control

The adaptive cruise control is very enjoyable. Especially in traffic jams, it controls braking and picking up very precisely. A camera on the back of the roof acts as a rearview mirror. You see the image on a screen where an interior mirror normally hangs. After all, in a closed delivery vehicle like this, you have nothing to gain from that. In the side mirrors, lights show whether there is traffic next to the Kangoo.

Command Center

A large central touchscreen is the command center for navigation, audio, paired phone, car functions and electronic safety systems. In terms of driver assistance, the Kangoo is hardly inferior to passenger cars. 17 driving aids are there, including Crosswind Assist and Trailer Swing Assist. On the steering wheel, you can set the central infodisplay in the intrument panel to show radio station, driving data and navigation information. On the left side of the steering wheel are the buttons for cruise control. On the right behind the steering wheel is Renault’s familiar control satellite for audio volume and radio station selection. More than forty years ago, you found them in then-new Renaults, such as the 25.

Charging Kangoo can be fast

3-phase charging up to 11 kW is standard on the electric Kangoo. In 2 hours and 40 minutes, the 44 kWh battery pack is back to 80%. 22 kW AC charging is also available at an additional cost if you want to charge twice as fast. True fast charging is also possible, up to 80 kW. You also have to pay extra for this option. If you regularly need to take to the highway and travel longer distances, then you should always opt for this. You can then recharge about 170 kilometers in 30 minutes.

Battery pack under the load floor

The cargo volume and payload of the Kangoo E-Tech electric are identical to those of the Kangoo with a combustion engine. In fact, the battery pack is located under the floor, so the cargo volume measures 3.9 cubic meters. The long version has a cargo volume of 4.9 cubic meters. The payload is 600 kilograms for the short Kangoo and 800 kilograms for the long version.

Towing up to 1,500 kg!

The maximum braked towing capacity is at a hefty 1,500 kilograms. The latter is particularly impressive. Obviously, a fully loaded trailer will provide less range, but many landscapers, pavers, plumbers and construction companies can get by just fine with the then remaining 150 to 200 kilometers.

Award-winning company car

By the way, this latest generation with electric drive is based on the new Kangoo with a traditional internal combustion engine, which was named “International Van of the Year 2022” just last year . It is being built in Maubeuge, France. The Mercedes-Benz eCitan and Nissan Townstar also roll off the assembly line here, both of which use the Kangoo E-Tech electric as a basis. In the engine compartment are electric motor, control electronics and heat pump for interior heating.

Price and taxation

The Renault Kangoo E-Tech Electric comes from 29,690 euros (2022). The entry price for the fuel version comes to 17,770 euros. The amounts are without VAT and BPM and therefore apply to business users. With the electric version, you get a purchase subsidy that is currently 2,969. If you can take advantage of the MIA and VAMIL investment tax deductions, the final purchase price can be almost on par with the diesel version. So that already makes the switch to electric driving much more interesting. Add to that the lower cost of maintenance and energy consumption and the impending closure of inner cities to internal combustion engine vans … well, then the choice is clear. Then it becomes electric, provided it fits in with your work of course.