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Review – Opel Corsa Electric (2024) – More range and horsepower

October 20, 2023

Opel Corsa

Opel did not hold back on the facelift of the Corsa. With some radical changes to the front end, Opel has clearly chosen a new direction and a fresh look for the Corsa. The friendly nose of its predecessor, with rounded shapes, traditional grille and pointed headlights is a thing of the past. The nose of the updated Corsa now has a tougher look. The grille has been redesigned and integrated with the headlights, creating a more streamlined and aggressive front end. This is the so-called Opel Vizor, which we also know from all other current Opel models.


The previously friendly headlights give way to sleek ones with wing-shaped daytime running lights. The new units are available with matrix LED technology. These so-called Intelli-Lux LED matrix headlights made their debut in 2019 on the Corsa – the very first B-segment car to feature this technology – and have been further improved, according to the automaker. This technology provides clear vision without blinding other road users, making you safer and more comfortable behind the wheel.

Floating roof

The distinctive “interrupted” C-pillar creates the illusion that the roof is floating above the car. Depending on the selected trim level, the roof can be finished in an elegant black color, which enhances the sporty look. Another notable change is the prominent placement of the Corsa name, which now appears fully written out on the tailgate. A new color is also available: Grafik Grey.

Large screens

Inside the redesigned Corsa are two razor-sharp screens. Navigation, multimedia and connectivity have all been upgraded and the system adapts to the driver’s preferences. There is no shortage of computing power: the infotainment system is equipped with new, powerful chips. Although we must be honest that it is still not the fastest system we know. For the first time, it is possible to charge wirelessly and connect smartphones wirelessly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Opel has also thought about safety and comfort. The Corsa is equipped with all modern driving assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control, a panoramic rearview camera and blind spot assistance.

Opel Corsa Electric

The electric Corsa also got a new name. The Corsa-e is now called the Corsa Electric. Under the skin, it also received a technical upgrade. It is available with two electric powertrains. The top trim features 156 hp and – thanks to a new 51 kWh battery pack – a solid range of up to 405 km. Not bad, for a compact EV. With a fast charger, you can charge the battery from 20 to 80 percent in 27 minutes with a charging power of up to 100 kW. The base version has an output of 100 kW (136 hp) with an improved range of up to 357 km (previously 337 km).

Hybrid technology

Opel is also introducing for the first time the option of choosing 48-volt hybrid technology on the gasoline versions. This technology is available for two different engines, with outputs of 100 and 136 hp. Both engines are paired with a new dual-clutch automatic transmission. Regular gasoline engines with 75 and 130 hp remain available in the updated Corsa as usual.

What does he cost?

The updated Opel Corsa comes from 23,349 euros for the entry-level gasoline version. For the Corsa Electric, the Germans charge a minimum of 34,999 euros (136 hp and 357 kilometers of range) and 37,999 euros (156 hp and 405 kilometers of range). Wondering how the updated version drives? Then watch the video below.