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Review – on winter sports with Mazda CX-60 Plug-in Hybrid (2024)

January 26, 2024

Mazda CX-60: Mazda’s flagship model

The Mazda CX-60 is the Japanese brand’s flagship model. With a plug-in hybrid powertrain that offers a combined output of as much as 241 kW (327 hp). Power enough, then, and a comforting idea that all-wheel drive transfers all that power to the road. This i-Active All Wheel Drive (AWD) automatically distributes drive power between the front and rear axles according to grip. In the snow, the AWD system works superbly. Effortlessly, the Mazda CX-60 works its way through the white stuff on its way to the photo location at the edge of the slope. Traction galore, with winter tires obviously providing the necessary extra grip.

Driving Skills

Prior to the photo shoot, we drove the Mazda CX-60 about a thousand kilometers. Enough to form a good opinion of its overall (driving) qualities. At least with materials and interior finishes, the CX-60 can compete with SUVs from premium brands. Also when it comes to equipment. The price is high but Mazda definitely offers a lot for that. With many another brand, you would pay more.

Mazda CX-60 Plug-in Hybrid

Mazda CX-60 comfort

Suspension and shock absorption catch large bumps in the road surface feather smoothly. Even in the sportiest driving mode, the suspension shows its smooth side. While tilting in the corners is hardly an issue. The driver’s and front passenger’s seats are electrically adjustable and so is the lumbar support in the backrest. A long ride is perfectly maintainable without pain in legs, seat or back.

Seat heating and ventilation

The Homura version of the Mazda CX-60 tested here features leather upholstery (black) and all seats have heating, ideal for winter sports. In front, the seats also have ventilation, which is nice in hot weather during summer vacation.

Operating comfort

Mazda has clearly paid attention to operating comfort. You can see that by the rotary switch on the center console familiar to this brand for controlling navigation and infotainment and numerous other functions, among others. You turn to the intended menu or program. Once you find the function of your choice, simply activate it by pressing the switch. You can also move it to four sides to scroll through menus. It works very naturally and you quickly become familiar with it.

Mazda CX-60 Plug-in Hybrid

Without question, the head-up display also contributes to driving comfort. Data such as speed and navigation directions are excellent to read. Mazda opted for a sizable display that projects data onto the windshield. Even in sunlight, the readability is perfect. The instrument panel behind the steering wheel is fully digital, as you see in many models in this higher-end segment. Mazda applies an ultra-wide central display in the CX-60. Apple Carplay and Android Auto are integrated. Connecting is a piece of cake.

Comfort you can also choose

Comfort is also a choice with the Mazda CX-60. In fact, you can choose from several driving programs (Mi-Drive) that determine the standard eight-speed automatic’s shifting behavior, throttle response and degree of suspension and steering input. The programs are Normal, Sport, Towing, Offroad and EV. In this mode, the CX-60 drives fully electric. With full battery (17.8 kWh), 63 kilometers can be covered, combined according to official WLTP measurement. In practice, and especially in freezing temperatures, you should count on about 40 km. The cold causes the battery to provide less energy. You probably know it from your cell phone. Therefore, in freezing temperatures, you can see the capacity of the lithium-ion battery decrease significantly.

Mazda CX-60 interior space

Impressive, that’s what the Mazda CX-60 is on the outside. It is also immediately noticeable that the hood is quite long. That impresses, along with the upright and large grille. The length of 4,745 millimeters is actually not too bad. You estimate the CX-60 to be longer. The width measurement of 1,890 millimeters is above average, though. You can see this in the interior as well, and especially in the decently wide console between the front seats. Also, the CX-60 is very tall (1,686 millimeters). To sponge off the roof, you definitely need stairs.

Generous seating

Interior space is considerable. The three of us side by side in the back seat is fine. In doing so, you have plenty of leg and head room. Even in the front, you are anything but cramped. The seats are wide enough, the seatbacks are wonderfully long and the legroom is substantial. Headroom is ample due to the high roof. The optional panoramic glass roof certainly does not get in the way, even if it does take a few inches off the interior height.

‘See through’ function

The Mazda CX-60 Homura tested here has a sporty appearance thanks to additional features. The black leather seats, ambient lighting and floor lighting in the rear make the interior so attractive that you always want to get behind the wheel again. A fine and convenient option is the 360° View Monitor with “see through” function, rear privacy glass and entry lighting.

2,500 kg is allowed on the tow bar

For winter sports and other vacations, a lot of stuff needs to go with you. Only when you start loading up do you notice how big the CX-60’s luggage space is. It holds 570 liters, and if you fold down the rear seats that increases to 1,726 liters. The tailgate opens and closes electrically, including on command of a foot movement along the bottom of the rear bumper. Mazda provides a power extendable and retractable tow bar for the CX-60. You can put it to good use, as its maximum towing weight is a whopping 2,500 kg! That’s a lot, a lot even for a plug-in hybrid. At least enough for a horse or boat trailer and an out-sized caravan.

Mazda CX-60 safety

The CX-60’s size and high seating position make you feel like lord and master on the road. You also feel safe, with the numerous driver assistance systems enhancing that feeling. In fact, you lack nothing when it comes to electronic guardian angels. There are too many to list, but we’ll do it anyway to give you an idea. This is the safety equipment of the entry-level CX-60 Prime-Line.

Mazda CX-60 Plug-in Hybrid

Mazda CX-60 performance

327 horsepower is hefty, and the pulling power is also thick. Not for nothing is the CX-60 allowed to have 2.5 tons on the hitch. The plug-in hybrid powertrain consists of a 141 kW (191 hp) 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. That gets help from a 129 kW (175 hp) electric motor. You accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds.

Electric range

Mazda claims average fuel consumption of 1.5 l/100 km. Then you have to make maximum use of the electric range, which is 63 km under favorable conditions. Long-distance consumption is higher. After all, that’s when you get the least benefit from electric driving. With electric assistance for acceleration and heavier work, the CX-60’s consumption remains quite favorable, especially for a car that weighs nearly two tons. Expect an average of about 7.5-8.5 l/100 km.

Mazda CX-60 prices

Anno January 2024, you can buy the Mazda CX-60 for a price of 56,690 euros. This concerns the Prime-Line version. The Homura comes in at 62,390 euros. Those are decent amounts. But set against the size of the car and the very complete equipment, those are very neat, even attractive prices. Just compare the equipment to a model of any brand comparable in size and performance. Then the Mazda CX-60 really comes out favorably. Noting that the Mazda also has standard all-wheel drive.

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Mazda CX-60 Plug-in Hybrid