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Review – MotoGP 24, more complete than ever!

June 12, 2024

Excellent graphics!

We are excited about MotoGP 24, let that be clear. One of the first things that stands out about MotoGP 24 is its stunning graphics. The developers clearly paid a lot of attention to the visual details, from the gorgeous engines to the lifelike tracks. The lighting and weather conditions are incredibly realistic, making you feel like you’re really on the track.

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The textures of the asphalt, the reflections on the engines and even the smallest details such as the movements of the drivers are done to perfection. Even the leather of the racing suits shines. The tracks – taken from the MotoGP championship – have been recreated with extreme precision. Our personal favorite? Assen of course, how could it be otherwise! Each circuit requires a different approach and strategy, which ensures that the game remains fresh and engaging even after hours of play.

These tracks are in MotoGP 24:

  1. Lusail – Qatar
  2. Portimao – Portugal
  3. Austin (Circuit of the Americas, COAT) – USA
  4. Jerez – Spain
  5. Le Mans – France
  6. Circuit de Catalunya – Catalonia
  7. Mugello – Italy
  8. Sokol – Kazakhstan
  9. Assen – Dutch TT
  10. Sachsenring – Germany
  11. Silverstone – United Kingdom
  12. Red Bull Ring – Austria
  13. MotorLand – Aragon
  14. Misano – San Marino
  15. Buddh – India
  16. Mandalika – Indonesia
  17. Motegi – Japan
  18. Phillip Island – Australia
  19. Chang – Thailand
  20. Sepang – Malaysia
  21. Ricardo Tormo – Valencia


MotoGP™24: Launch Trailer



Authentic engine sounds

In addition to the impressive graphics, the sound in MotoGP 24 deserves special mention. The developers put a lot of effort into recreating the authentic engine sounds. Every engine sounds different, depending on the make and model. The sounds of the bikes range from the deep roar of a Ducati to the high pitched yaw of a Yamaha, and they all sound incredibly realistic.

The sound of the engines also changes depending on your position on the track and the speed at which you drive. The subtle difference in sound when you shift gears or when you take corners adds another layer of realism to the game. It really feels like you are in the heart of the action, with the wind whipping past you and the engine roaring beneath you.

MotoGP 24 review

Practice makes perfect

One of the aspects you have to get used to in MotoGP 24 is the handling of the motorcycles. Unlike racing games with cars, you cannot take the wheel in hand in a motorcycle racing game. It takes some time to master the unique control mechanisms. Balancing, leaning into corners and proper use of throttle and brakes are crucial to success. And not to fall.

It is important to be patient and take time to get used to the controls. Practice makes perfect, and that is certainly true for MotoGP 24. It can be frustrating at first, but once you master the controls, you’ll feel like a hero when you finish in the top five. Our advice is to keep practicing and pushing the limits. The learning curve is steep, but the reward is well worth it.


The level of difficulty is entirely up to you. The Adaptive Difficulty system automatically adjusts the level of AI opponents depending on your performance during races and qualifying sessions. For extra support, turn on the Neural Aids system to better handle steering, braking and acceleration. Even players with disabilities have been considered. These include slower game speed, different color palettes for color-blind people and one-handed operation. So MotoGP 24 is primarily a game for everyone.

Where is that punishment?

If your AI opponent has crossed the line, there is still no reason to raise your blood pressure. Because fortunately, there is Race Direction there. Which will punish everyone equally, with no distinction between human players and AI-controlled opponents. Both races and timed sessions are monitored to ensure a fair racing experience for all. This feature starts with simple warnings and will impose penalties such as returning to the previous position, driving long laps or imposing time penalties, all depending on what happened on the track.

Getting started as a graphic designer yourself

Your style is reflected not only in the way you ride, but is also reflected in the look you choose for your rider. Thanks to the graphic editors, it is possible to define your personal race number, butt patch, decals and helmet color scheme.

Conclusion: MotoGP 24

MotoGP 24 is without a doubt a must play in the world of motorcycle racing games. Especially the realistic graphics, the excellent engine sounds and the diversity of circuits put a smile on our faces. And of course those wonderful MotoGP machines you can roar across the track asphalt.

MotoGP 24 is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and via Steam.