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Review – MG4 Electric XPOWER (2024) and MG4 Electric Trophy Extended Range

October 6, 2023

Discovery tour

As we explored MG’s electric models, we found ourselves in the surroundings of Amsterdam, a city that is a mixture of historic charm and a forward-thinking view of the future – a perfect setting to experience these innovative vehicles. As we drove through the city and surrounding regions, we were able to experience the MG4 Electric XPOWER and the MG4 Electric Trophy Extended Range in action and explore their unique features and driving qualities.


The XPOWER made our hearts beat faster with its aggressive, almost insane approach to electric driving. With its twin electric motors combining to release an overwhelming 435 hp and 600 Nm of torque, this model drew attention and adrenaline to unprecedented levels. While the power and speed were absolutely entertaining, the functional aspect fell a bit short, leading us to conclude that this is a car for the lover of speed and thrills rather than the practical commuter.

Range MG4 Trophy Extended Range

The Trophy Extended Range, on the other hand, offered an experience geared more toward the daily and business driver. With an enviable range of 520 kilometers (WLTP) and a price point that falls within a more generally accessible range, especially after the deduction of the EV subsidy, this model felt like a reliable companion for those who want an uncomplicated, efficient trip from A to B, without the worry of charging stops.

Solid offerings

Exploring the varying landscapes around Amsterdam, with its calm canals and bustling city streets, it became clear how diverse the new MG4 Electric model line can be in meeting diverse driver needs. With options that appeal to the bold and adventurous driver to the quiet, pragmatic commuter, MG seems to have a solid offering that can serve a wide audience.


As the electric vehicle market continues to grow and evolve, MG offers a wide range of options with different versions of the MG4 Electric, each with its own character, battery options and price points, enabling a customized driving experience for a variety of drivers.

With a growing network of brand stores and service outlets to support increasing demand and interest in their electric models, MG is taking steps to become a prominent player in the electric mobility revolution blowing through cities and countries around the world.

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