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March 17, 2022

The electric car of the moment.

The electric car of the moment is not a Tesla, but a Korean one. Two actually: The Hyundai IONIQ 5 and the Kia EV6. We went out with the first one before , now it’s time for the EV6.

Kia EV6 review

Kia has been scoring well with the e-Niro for a number of years and the Koreans will undoubtedly continue the success with the EV6. The EV6 is an uncompromising electric car, unlike the Niro, which you can also get with a petrol engine. It has only just entered the showroom, but you can already see the EV6 driving a lot. The futuristic model of Kia is popular, we can say that. Why? Its looks and specifications are impressive.


It is low, wide and quite large. With a length of 4.68 meters and a pair of angry-looking headlights, it makes quite an impression. Park it at the grocery store and you’re guaranteed to have to answer a few questions from curious passersby. Another striking detail: the LED light bar, which forms the spoiler at the rear. Students of the Rietveld Academy can get multiple graduation assignments from this car.

tad slow

The interior also looks futuristic and is dominated by two screens, which sit tightly together. The graphical user interface looks good, but the system is sometimes a bit slow. It’s the one area where the EV6 doesn’t excel. It is also fine to live with and you can also use Apple Carplay and Android Auto.


There are also few buttons in the interior, but enough to be able to operate all essential things quickly. Under the middle ventilation grilles is a small touch-sensitive screen, with which you can operate the climate and radio functions. Two round knobs are provided to set the temperature, creating an ideal mix between digital and physical knobs.

Many soft materials have been used in the interior, which are completely vegan. The only right choice, in an electric car. Some parts are even made from recycled PET bottles and fishing nets.


A lot of driver assistance systems make life in the EV6 extra pleasant. There are actually too many to list, but we’ll do it anyway: Blind Spot Monitoring, Collision Prevention System, Rear Cross Traffic Alert System, Lane Keeping Aid, Adaptive Cruise Control with Curve Control, a Surround View Monitor and Remote Smart Parking Assist, it’s all present.

Fortunately, the systems are not excessively present while driving. If you’re tired of all the help, you can turn everything off in the infotainment system. On the highway, semi-autonomous driving is possible, because thanks to adaptive cruise control and lane assist, the EV6 automatically stays within the lines on the road and automatically at a distance from the vehicle in front.

Luggage compartment Kia EV6

In the meantime, you’ll be wondering if there are also downsides. Yes, the luggage compartment feels a bit small. There is space for 500 liters and 1,300 liters with the rear seats folded down. That doesn’t sound bad, but thanks to the sporty sloping roofline, it is difficult to carry higher items. You can live with it, but an IONIQ 5, Tesla Model Y or Volkswagen ID.4 offer more practical convenience here. Under the hood there is also room for some things. In the RWD models, the frunk (front trunk) offers 52 liters of extra storage space and in the AWD models 20 liters.

Extended limousine

There is no shortage of space in the back seat. Thanks to the large wheelbase – those wheels are at the extreme corners of the car – there is a lot of space in the interior. We can sit almost fully stretched in the back, as if we were in an extended limousine. Headroom is less impressive, again thanks to the steeply sloping roofline.

Specifications Kia EV6

What about the specs, which are described in the introduction as impressive? Let’s start with the battery pack. You can choose from 58 or 77.4 kWh. With the small battery pack you get 394 kilometers (WLTP) far and with the large package the EV6 kicks it up to a maximum of 528 kilometers WLTP. If you opt for the large battery pack in combination with four-wheel drive, the range is about 20 kilometers lower.

Really fast charging

Neat numbers, but there are more electric cars in this segment that come this far. It’s the charging speed that makes the difference. With the right charging station, the battery pack has an additional 100 kilometers of range in less than five minutes. In just 18 minutes, the Kia is back at 80% battery charge. The EV6 can handle a charging capacity of up to 239 kW. So you don’t have to worry about range anxiety. Especially not in our country, where there are now a lot of fast charging stations along the highway.


The EV6 can also return power from the battery pack. A so-called Vehicle to Load function (V2L) uses an adapter with a traditional socket connection, which you can plug into the charging port. You can then plug in other equipment – such as household appliances or your electric bicycle – and provide it with power.

Handy if you still want to enjoy a freshly brewed espresso in the middle of nature. Moreover, you can also supply other electric cars with power. It’s the ultimate flex: getting a stranded Tesla with an empty battery back on the steam. You don’t have to worry that your own battery will run out completely, because the V2L function is automatically switched off at 20% battery charge.

fast boy

The power is also impressive. We drive the 229 hp 77.4 kWh RWD variant, but it feels like we have more horsepower under our right foot. The 350 immediately available Newton meters ensure that you are nicely pressed into your seat when you press the accelerator a little deeper.

Then to think that later in 2022 there will also be a GT variant, with 585 hp. Horsepower has never been so cheap, because this version is available from 63,595 euros. You can safely call that a reasonable price, for a car with almost 600 hp.

The EV6 is also available with 325 hp and for those who don’t need it so quickly, there is also a 169 hp version for sale. Depending on the version chosen, the EV6 with a 77.4 kWh battery can tow up to 1,600 kg. Also on this point, no other electric car can beat the EV6. With the small battery pack you can hang up to 750 kg behind the car.

Driving behaviour

The EV6 can handle the power well. It is tight on the road and offers a surprising amount of dynamics. The steering is direct and predictable. Kia is clearly aimed at driving enthusiasts. The disadvantage is that the chassis is on the hard side. At a threshold you have to slow down considerably and potholes and bumps are not completely absorbed by the shock absorbers. The Hyundai IONIQ 5 – with whom the EV6 shares the E-GMP platform – offers more comfort, but you guessed it: less dynamics.