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Review – How does the BMW i5 eDrive40 (G60) perform in winter?

January 22, 2024

BMW i5 eDrive40: dimensions

A new BMW 5 Series is always a big deal, but with this latest generation – the G60 – BMW seems to be really going big. A new design and more powertrains, luxury, technology and comfort than ever. Small this BMW i5 eDrive40 certainly isn’t. It is 5.06 meters long and 1.90 meters wide. The height comes out to 1.52 meters and the wheelbase is a solid 2,995 mm. Almost three meters, in other words! And you notice that, especially in the back where you can sit excellently even as an adult. Do take into account a “hump” in line with the center tunnel. So no flat bottom.

Room for improvement

And so there are more things to consider with the new BMW 5 Series. For example, in terms of ease of operation, there is some room for improvement, because sometimes it takes quite a while to search for the desired function in the infotainment system. Especially the overview of all apps is amazingly large. Fortunately, you can also filter by vehicle features. Before leaving, we continuously turned off the warning at speed limits, as well as Lane Departure Warning.

BMW i5 eDrive40 (2024) – What’s the range in winter? – REVIEW – AutoRAI TV

We always turn this off

The first gives a warning beep if you are speeding just 1 kilometer per hour. As far as we are concerned, that is not necessary. Lane Departure Warning additionally provides unpleasant heaviness in the steering. Those who turn this off experience a much finer steering and natural feeling car. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Iconic Sounds we leave on. This is pleasant addition to the electric powertrain, where you can hear an “engine sound” during acceleration. This enhances the experience.

Give yourself some time

Above all, it is wise to give yourself some time to discover all the features in the new BMW 5 Series, because there is so much on and on. You can even watch soccer, should that be your thing. And then there are various settings of the suspension, driving modes, it is simply too much to mention. And a two-hour video is probably a little too much for you guys. Therefore, we limit ourselves to the basics.

BMW i5 eDrive40

Top level

Things you absolutely need to know if you are in the market for a BMW 5 Series or BMW i5. The interior finish is top notch and the graphics of all the displays are razor sharp. Many manufacturers could learn a thing or two from that. Harman Kardon’s sound system is epic, so invest in it! The comfort seats in this i5 eDrive40 are excellent, with good upper body and leg support. In the process, the seating position is perfect due to good adjustment of the seat and steering column.

Every car should have this

Also particularly nice: in mode B, the BMW i5 just stays still, even if you take your foot off the brake pedal. So you don’t have to continuously put your foot on the brake at a stoplight. That drives very pleasantly. In addition, one-pedal driving works perfectly; the car comes to a stop with a pleasant deceleration. You barely need your brake pedal.

BMW i5 eDrive40

Weight masking

Especially nice is the fact that you do not notice that you are traveling with a heavy car. This BMW i5 weighs 2,205 kilograms. Nevertheless, this model manages to mask that weight extremely well. The car feels nimble and drives nicely dynamic. Actually, we have rarely driven an all-electric car that feels so good on all sides. In terms of steering and suspension, this is a really nice one. You drive electric, but this car doesn’t give you that feeling. And that is perhaps the greatest compliment.

BMW i5: performance in winter

By the way, we drove this BMW i5 during temperatures around and below freezing. That presents an interesting opportunity to look at range performance at cold temperatures. On the first ride, we covered 76 kilometers. These were mostly highway miles, but the last 15 kilometers were on the road. We did not drive faster than 110 km/h. Also important to know: it was -1.5 degrees Celsius outside, the heater in the car was set to 20 degrees, and the seat and steering wheel heaters were also on, but in setting 1 (there are 3 settings). The automatic was in the B position.

Driven economically!

The result of this journey? During departure, the on-board computer indicated a range of 382 kilometers with 100% battery charge. At our final destination, there were 326 kilometers left, with 78 percent battery charge. That means we drove exceptionally economically, because over a distance of 76 kilometers, only 22 percent power disappeared. This indicates that BMW has its battery temperature management in order. A small side note, though: because a range of 382 kilometers is not the thick 500 kilometers BMW specifies according to the WLTP measurement method. But as you know, WLTP is still a laboratory test. So always subtract 25 percent. By summer, the BMW i5 will be able to get a lot farther.

Average energy consumption

Average energy consumption during this test averaged 21.5 kWh per 100 kilometers. Admittedly, that’s on the high side. But then the weather conditions were quite extreme. In addition, it is important to note that consumption – at these temperatures – at a speed of about 105 km/h fluctuates between 18 and 19 kWh per 100 kilometers.

BMW i5 eDrive40

Charging the BMW i5 eDrive40

In more favorable weather, you can count on a range of 450 kilometers. That is fine as far as we are concerned. Even the 382-kilometer range in winter is okay as far as we are concerned, because charging this BMW i5 is extremely fast. AC charging with 11 kW from 0 to 100% takes 8.5 hours. If you choose the optional 22 kW charger, you’ll be ready even faster. DC charging with 205 kW from 10 to 80% takes you 30 minutes, with the car showing a nice charging curve. For every 10 minutes of charging, you then rake in 156 kilometers of driving range.

Charging BMW i5 eDrive40

BMW i5 eDrive40 – specifications

The options on this BMW i5: an overview

At BMW, they are masters when it comes to options. That’s also evident in this BMW i5 eDrive40. Because although the starting price of this model starts at 77,575 euros, the final price of this car is a hefty 105,000 euros. For 3,000 euros more, you also have a BMW i5 M60 xDrive with an output of 442 kW (601 hp). So what’s on and on this eDrive40? We list some pricey options

Travel Pack

Just a quick note on the Innovation Pack, Travel Pack and Comfort Pack, because what exactly do you get with those packages? The Travel Pack includes Comfort Access, a power tailgate and a Travel and Comfort System that allows you to easily attach a tablet, smartphone, clothes hanger or folding table to the front seat backrest. A USB-C connector provides power.

Innovation Pack

The Innovation Pack includes BMW Live Cockpit Professional, BMW Natural Interactions, Parking Assistant Plus and an interior camera. A camera in the interior!? Yes, of course! This interior camera allows you to capture beautiful moments while driving. You can also share these images with others, as you download the images onto your smartphone in an instant. The camera also lets you remotely view the interior via your smartphone. When the anti-theft alarm goes off, the camera automatically saves images. You will then receive a notification in the My BMW App. That way you can see immediately what’s going on.

Comfort Pack

Finally, there is the Comfort Pack, consisting of 4-zone air conditioning with automatic control, seat ventilation for both front seats, heated rear seats and electrically adjustable seats.

Conclusion review BMW i5 eDrive40

Well, this BMW i5 is an excellent option as far as we are concerned if you are in the market for a luxurious electric limousine. And this is just the beginning, as a Touring version of the BMW i5 also appears. In any case, the BMW i5 ansich is one of the better EVs you can buy. Then you just have to be able to cough up the hefty starting price. After that, at least, the party can begin.

BMW i5 eDrive40

Charging BMW i5 eDrive40

BMW i5 eDrive40

BMW i5 eDrive40