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March 15, 2022

Why the Yaris Cross is a good choice.

It took a while, but finally Toyota has a B-segment SUV in the stable: the Yaris Cross. Most car brands have had such a compact crossover in the showroom for years. So why should you specifically choose this latecomer? We list five strong points of the Yaris Cross.

Crossover SUV

Looking for a compact SUV? Then we hope that you will not soon suffer from choice stress. The Renault Captur, Volkswagen T-Cross, Kia Stonic, Peugeot 2008, Skoda Kamiq, Nissan Juke , Opel Mokka , Seat Aro…okay, that’s enough. You understand what we mean: in the B-segment, the choice is almost endless when it comes to SUVs. The list goes on for a while, but you will not come across Toyota in it. Didn’t come across it, we should say. Toyota is now happily participating with the Yaris Cross.

Toyota Yaris Cross

The compact five-door SUV is based on the – you’ll never guess – regular Yaris. Just like the hatchback, the Cross version is also doing well in the Netherlands. Even before it was at the dealership, 1,500 copies had already been sold in our country. After our first experience with the new Toyota in Belgium at the end of 2021, we drove it on Dutch asphalt for a week. In the Netherlands we went in search of its strengths.

5 reasons why the Yaris Cross is a good choice

1. Surprisingly fun to drive

The Toyota Yaris Cross uses the TNGA-B platform. For the nerds: that stands for Toyota New Global Architecture, B-segment. It is also known as the GA-B platform. This platform is extra stiff and many heavy components are placed extra low, so that the car remains stable on the road when cornering. You notice that immediately when you drive a bit more sporty. The car reacts alertly, steers well and turns the corner surprisingly nice. Of course you don’t buy a family SUV because you’re looking for sportiness, but fine driving characteristics are always a bonus, right?

2. Economical, but spicy

During our second test with the Yaris Cross, we again drive the Hybrid version. This version is by far the most popular, 90 percent of buyers opt for the Hybrid. That’s not so crazy. It is not much more expensive than the regular version, with a traditional powertrain, but it is extra economical. Without any effort, the average consumption during our test is 1 in 20. On the highway, he achieves that effortlessly, but also in the city he has little thirst, thanks to the hybrid powertrain.

In addition, the Hybrid is extra spicy thanks to the presence of an electric motor. At the traffic light, you’ll be right off the bat. The electric motor is good for 80 hp and 141 Nm and the petrol engine for 92 hp and 120 Nm. You cannot directly add that together, but the total system power comes out to 116 hp. A disadvantage of the hybrid powertrain: you can only hang 750 kilos behind the car. The version with only a petrol engine can tow up to 1,350 kilos.

3. Safe

The fact that you are a bit higher does not always mean that you are immediately safe. In the Yaris Cross you are. Euro NCAP, Europe’s most recognized safety authority, has named the Japanese SUV the safest car in its class. The organization that tests cars for crashworthiness gave the Yaris Cross the maximum score of five stars.

Of course you do everything you can to avoid a collision and the Yaris Cross lends a hand with that. This is because it is packed with driver assistance and safety systems that detect risks earlier and effectively avoid them. The Japanese has even more safety systems than there are crossovers in the B-segment. It has, among other things, Automatic High Beam (automatic switching of high and low beam), Full Range Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert, Lane Trace Assist, Pre-Collision System with cyclists (day) and pedestrians (day + night) detection, Road Sign Assist and Trailer Sway Control.

4. Design

Tastes differ, so we leave it up to you whether the design is successful. The fact is that the Yaris Cross has a striking appearance. Its pointed nose and robust plastic protective edges give the car its own character. Nice details, such as the model designation above the door sills and the two-tone color combination in Brass Gold and a black roof, make the Yaris Cross a nice appearance.

5. Practical

In the Yaris Cross you are of course a bit higher than in the hatchback. It is 90 mm higher, which makes getting in and out very easy. The wheelbase is unchanged with a length of 2,560mm, so the rear seat is still not the best place for people with long legs.

In the cargo area there is room for 397 liters of luggage and 1.097 liters when you fold the backrest. Our test car is equipped with the so-called Smart Cargo system. This makes it easy to divide the loading floor into two levels, making the loading space extra practical. This way you can easily transport your groceries, but at the same time also take high items with you, such as a houseplant that you just bought at a garden center. Also nice: the optional electric tailgate can be opened hands-free via a foot sensor.

Knowing more? Read our review or watch our driving test below: