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Repair both normal and clear coat in case of minor damage

April 19, 2022

Stone chip damage repair

One way of repairing stone chips without repainting part of the car is to use a touch-up stick. Since stone chip damage is so small that it can in principle be touched up, a touch-up pen is a good and affordable solution. The advantage of a touch-up pen is that you can get any color you want. It is simply a matter of entering the color code and the touch-up pen is filled for you. But if you do not know the color code or if you have a rare color on your car, this is not a problem, because you can also have the paint measured to see which elements the paint consists of. This way you can be sure that you have the right color for your car. In addition, it is Ordering car paint pens is also easy to do online.

Besides the fact that a touch-up stick is a lot cheaper than having a complete panel sprayed, it is also easy to use. The easy use also saves costs, since you can do it yourself and do not have to go to a specialist. If you want to use a touch-up marker, you must first make sure that the damaged spot is clean and degreased. If you do not do this first, there is a good chance that the paint will not adhere to the car. Then it is simply the spot with dots and let it dry well. Make sure that the paint on the spot you are repairing does not become too thick.

Also repair clear coat

And if you would like to update the clear coat in addition to the color lacquer, there is also a cheap solution for this. Just like the color lacquer is available in a touch-up stick, you also have clear coat from CROP in a paint pen. All you have to do to apply it properly is to let the color lacquer dry well first. When it is dry, you can also easily add dots to the clear coat.