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Renault Symbioz: a first look

February 8, 2024

The name Symbioz

Symbioz sounds like the French “symbiosis” and is derived from “symbiosis. This means “living together” in ancient Greek. Moreover, the new model name is easily understood by a wide audience. It is known in several languages, such as “symbiosis” in English, “simbiose” in Spanish and “simbiosi” in Italian. So Renault has thought carefully about that name.


But what else does the car have to offer? According to Renault, the interior meets all the needs of a family thanks to ample interior space for both occupants and luggage. The car also gets a solarbay panoramic roof, based on PDLC technology that allows the glass roof to be darkened without having to cover it.

Renault Symbioz

Powertrain Renault Symbioz

The E-Tech full hybrid powertrain of the Renault Symbioz gets a system output of 107 kW (145 hp). The weight of the car remains under 1,500 kilograms. The new Renault Symbioz will have a length of 4.41 meters. For imaging purposes, a Renault Austral is 4.51 meters long and a Renault Arkana is 4.56 meters long. The Renault Scenic is 4.47 meters long and a Renault Megane is 4.20 meters long. The new Megane and Scenic both come exclusively with battery-electric powertrains.

Renault will release more information about the new Symbioz in the near future. So stay tuned!

Renault Symbioz