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Renault opens giant simulation center

October 6, 2023

2,300 square meters

Renault recently opened a new building focused entirely on digital simulation. The 2,300-square-meter building helps Renault’s development department create better designs and speed up the process of making new cars. They can now create highly accurate computer models and need to build fewer physical prototypes, saving money.

Digital twins

With the tool, the brand uses a “digital twin,” a digital copy of a model. This allows them to perform simulations not only during the development of a car, without the need for a physical car. Through virtual reality, this allows engineers to put different aspects of cars to the test. For example, they can test the lighting of cars in simulations so they don’t have to actually go out on the road at night.


Renault has also introduced the so-called tools Roads. This simulator is in a huge room with a dome large enough for an entire car. This simulator can precisely mimic the behavior of cars under various conditions, such as road type, traffic volume, interactions with other cars, weather and more.

More than seventy engineers work at Renault’s new Immersive Simulation Centre . They can create digital roads and simulate real driving conditions. They can also build a digital twin of a car, including how it performs on the road and how the software works. These digital twins are then subjected to millions of test situations in the cloud.