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Refurbished Juke has new stuff but you don’t notice its price

April 5, 2024

What does the Nissan Juke cost?

Nissan sticks a price on the updated Juke: 31,790 euros for the entry-level model. The Juke Hybrid has a starting price of 35,640 euros and the new Juke N-Sport is available from 36,590 euros. The quirky crossover will arrive at dealerships in June.

What’s new?

Some things are new, such as a new color yellow. The color for the Nissan Juke 2024 is slightly lighter than that of the previous generation. The paint color gives the Juke a fresh and modern look. In the new N-Sport version, the deep black color of the roof, A- and B-pillars, side mirrors, wheels, wheel arches and grille amplify the Juke’s impact, especially when combined with the yellow body color.

Interior Nissan Juke 2024

In the interior, Nissan has done a lot of work on design and technology, making life in the car pleasant and enjoyable. Not only are the center console and instrument panel redesigned, but Nissan also applies new materials and upholstery, optimizing fit and finish. Furthermore, in-car connectivity is completely up-to-date thanks to a large touchscreen and additional features.

Nissan Juke 2024

The first change Juke drivers notice in the redesigned Juke is the large size of the central infotainment screen (from Visia onward). It now measures 12.3 inches and is angled eight degrees toward the driver to bring even the furthest edge of the touchscreen within easy reach. This enhances the cockpit feel that Juke drivers appreciate so much. Drivers will also appreciate the new leather-like trim material on the steering wheel – it looks tighter and feels comfortable. In the video below, we tell you more about the updated Juke: