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Rascal laughs at police officers locked in own Tesla

September 28, 2022

Tesla Model X

A scene Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy would have envied: during a check in Basel, officers in a Tesla asked two cyclists to stop. One cyclist followed the instruction – the other ignored the stop sign and sped off. The officers quickly tried to get out of their Tesla Model X to grab the cyclist’s collar. That was not possible, however, because the doors of the vehicle were jammed.


The police report notes that the officers then chose to drive after the man. The cyclist tried to shake off the police, but soon realized that the officers could not get out of their car. So he teasingly went step-foot in front of the Tesla and gestured at the officers.


The cyclist was eventually caught when he collided with the Tesla. One officer managed to grab his neck through the window, after which another officer – who managed to escape from his squad car through the tailgate – overpowered the man. Despite everything, Basel police say they are very pleased with the Tesla, the Basler Zeitung reports.

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Photo: Facebook Kantonspolizei Basel-Stadt