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Rainfall radar: late October 36 degrees? Get out that convertible! #UPDATE

October 20, 2022

Technical error?

What’s going on? No one knows that. But Buienradar reported for hours on Thursday, Oct. 20, that it will be bizarrely warm in the Netherlands starting Oct. 28. This is probably a technical error, because if it gets warmer in October than in the average summer then something is well wrong.

Days of thick 30 degrees

Should it really get that hot, a lot of convertible and vintage car owners can take their cars out of the barn. And motorcyclists are in for a treat, too. On Friday, Oct. 28 and Saturday, Oct. 29, it will be 36 degrees in the south of the Netherlands, according to Buienradar. In the following days, the temperature slowly builds toward 33 degrees. Buienradar, say it’s not true?


Maurice Middendorp, of Buienradar and RTL News, said the following in a comment on NPO Radio 2: “Late October temperatures of 35 degrees are not going to be him. There is currently a problem with the data feed of all weather models. They are not coming in properly due to an error. This will be solved by the end of the day. In October 35 degrees is really impossible, at the end of October 25.2 degrees is currently the highest temperature we have measured right now.”