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Project Mondo G pampers you, sort of

February 23, 2023

Project Mondo G

Project Mondo G was unveiled at the Moncler Genius Show during London Fashion Week. The theme “Art of Imagination” is a message to dream big and break new ground, make the impossible attainable and discover new things without limits. Thus was born this particular G-Class.

Great work of art!

The angular design of the G-Class and the soft lines of Moncler’s quilted jacket create a special contrast. Both products have developed into sought-after lifestyle items over the past few decades. The artwork – made of wood – is 4.6 meters long, 2.8 meters high, 3.4 meters wide (with wheels) and weighs a hefty 2.5 tons.

Project Mondo G

Other features

The rough patina is a visible sign of wear that refers to functionality and usefulness. It forms a visual contrast to the high-gloss reflective surfaces. Another deliberately eye-catching element is the huge zipper, a practical reference to the versatility and variability of both the car and the jacket.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

With the G-Class in 1979, Mercedes-Benz entered entirely new territory. The G model is designed on the one hand as an off-road vehicle with leisure character and on the other hand for heavy use in, for example, industrial or municipal applications. Shortly after its introduction, a continuous development process began that continues to this day. An all-electric G-Class is in the near future.

Project Mondo G

Project Mondo G