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Production version of Toyota Urban SUV comes as early as 2024

December 4, 2023

Six BEV models

Toyota’s plan is to have introduced six BEV models in Europe by 2026. A diverse range of electrified models is helping Toyota Motor Europe achieve its goal of offering exclusively zero-emission vehicles by 2035 and full carbon neutrality by 2040. This Toyota Urban SUV Concept is one of those models. The car comes out in the B segment.

Toyota comes up with electric SUV for B-segment! – TOYOTA URBAN SUV CONCEPT – AutoRAI TV


The Toyota Urban SUV Concept enters Toyota’s lineup alongside the Toyota Yaris Cross. Much information is not yet known. According to Toyota, the model has “a compact body with powerful shoulders and a high seating position. The manufacturer also says the following: “The flexible interior, which can be adjusted to provide more legroom for rear passengers or just more luggage space, makes the best use of interior space.”

Toyota Urban SUV

Two batteries for production version

The production version will be available with a choice of two batteries of different capacities to suit their budget or range requirements. Toyota presents more details as well as the production model of this battery-electric SUV in 2024.

Naming Toyota

That Toyota will opt for a model name with “bZ” in the designation is not yet entirely certain. Otherwise, Toyota would have announced this model as “bZ2” as well. There is a possibility that Toyota will switch to a different naming strategy. The grille of this study model does still subtly read “bZ,” an abbreviation for Beyond Zero. But during the presentation, that term – let alone bZ – was completely silenced. This suggests that Toyota is considering other naming options.

Toyota Urban SUV Concept Specifications

Length: 4,300 mm
Width: 1,820 mm
Height: 1,620 mm

Toyota Urban SUV Concept

Toyota Urban SUV