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Polish your car several steps

April 19, 2022

First step for polishing

Before polishing, the first step is to prepare the car for polishing. For example, you must first thoroughly wash the car with a washing method that is safe for the paint, to ensure that you do not get extra polishing work. It is best to foam the car first, then rinse and then wash with the two bucket technique. After washing, the car must be treated with flash rust remover, and then the car must be clayed completely. These steps ensure that polishing does not cause additional paint damage.

Polishing Supplies

To get started, you first need a polishing machine, for example a CROP polishing machine . When it comes to polishing machines, you have several sizes of machines, from small polishing machine to large polishing machine. For example, the Rupes polishing machines are available in many sizes alone. In addition to a good machine, you also need polishing pads that fit well with the machine, and you also need polishing agent that is suitable for the paint. There are different types of polishing agent, for example for coarse scratches and for fine polishing. This also comes in handy when polishing multiple steps.

Multi-step polishing

Depending on the condition of the paint, you can polish these several steps. With a rough paint you first start with a coarser polish. A coarse polish will help correct the deeper and coarser scratches. In some cases, the coarse polishing can even create new light scratches in addition to the light scratches that are already in it. When you have polished out all the coarser scratches when the paint is thick enough for this. You can now polish with a less coarse polishing agent.

The finer polish is intended to remove light scratches from the paint. If the paint is not bothered by the coarse scratches, you can start with this step. With this combination you can take the paint to its utmost, with this you can make the paint scratch-free. When the paint is perfect again, you naturally want to protect it, you can also do this with the polisher. Now you apply a polish with a protective layer for the paint, in order to protect the paint after polishing.

Photo by Herson Rodriguez on Unsplash